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Christmas & New Years has past; the turkey and ham have been eaten and all the sweets are gone. You eventually get to sit down and relax for the first time in weeks after the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Will you worry about your weight loss this New Years? You think to yourself, “Good God, I’ve eaten so much”! “WHY”? “Why did I eat so much”? “Why did I do that to myself and the worse thing was I knew I was doing it”? These are all thoughts that I went through after each Christmas and New Years.  I’d then think, “Ah sure it’s okay, I’ll just make a New Years Resolution and the weight will disappear”!

You soon realise after a few weeks that your magical resolution and your weight loss has failed and the weeks continue and you get more depressed that you cant shift the weight! Did you know that only 8% of people are successful with their New Year Resolutions and for the majority, only lasting 8-9 days! The reasons we fail at our resolutions is that we try too hard; we try making too many resolutions that just aren’t realistic and we don’t think about how we are going to do them. For a lot of people, weight loss is their main New Years Resolution.  They go all out to try and lose weight for the year – some may go down the route of replacement meals and others will go down the route of trying to eat healthy and some will start to increase their exercise. All goes well for the first week, 2 weeks or even a month!  You notice that your weight loss goes down in the first instance and then if you are lucky it will go down again for the next week or two. Then you start to realise that your weight loss slows down and then continues to slow down or begins to increase! You try even harder the following weeks and the weight still isn’t moving or weight is still going on! “It just doesn’t make sense! I’m not eating so how come my weight isn’t moving or if it is its going in the wrong direction!”

How Is Your Weight Loss Going To Be Successful?

Those who select the eating healthy way start out well, they make healthy dinners; don’t eat to many treats, lots of fruit and vegetables.  Compared to what they were eating over Christmas, their calorie amount is now a lot lower so they start to lose some weight. ThisEating Too Little For Your Weight Loss weight loss is mainly just water. They get a boost because they see the scales moving; they’re encouraged and motivated to continue.  They keep doing what they are doing and start to get deflated! Their weight loss slows down or stops and they don’t know why? They try even harder at been healthy so they cut the amount of food they are eating, thinking this HAS TO make me lose weight! They are shocked to see after a week or two they still haven’t lost weight, they are getting very tired due to the lack of food and nutrition and eventually start to increase their food intake and in the end they go back to eating everything they were when they started and the weight they lost goes all back on.  Back to square one! They’ll either give up completely or go again and again and again – yo-yoing throughout the year!

Those who select the meal replacement diet have a similar journey! They start off spending a fortune on weight loss products. They stock their presses, fridge and freezer with replacement meals and shakes! Week one goes by and the meals and shakes are not very tasty but are bearable! Week one weight loss goes brilliantly due to the fact that they are suddenly only eating approx. 1200 calories instead of the 2000-4000 calories they were eating before! The first weigh-in keeps them motivated and encouraged to continueYour Weight Loss - Meal Replacement Shakes not knowing it was just water they lost. Week 2 goes by and the weight loss continues but not as much as before – again this is normal due to the calorie intake and the loss of water the week before. They are still encouraged by the weight loss that they continue to week 3. At this point they start to sneak in little snacks and treats because they start to become bored, hungry and even tired. Depending on your initial start weight your weight may continue to go down but it becomes very unsustainable over a long period.  Once they start adding the little snacks and treats they eventually add more food. They continue to eat and drink the replacement meals as well as eating the extra food. Not knowing that they are probably eating 1000-2000 calories on food as well as the 1200 calories of replacement meals they soon realise that their weight loss stops or begins to increase. They might do another week just in case but see that their weight again has either stopped or gained again! They eventually give up the meal replacements food and start eating even more normal food.  The sudden increase in calories makes their weight go up again and they end up going back to their original weight or gain even more! They will either quit completely or begin their diet again and the yo-yoing begins!

Don't Waste Your Weight Loss on Fad Diets

These scenarios will be the same for those who go down the weight loss line of doing a fad diet! Fad diets just don’t work – save your time and save your money! I’ve have done a blog on fad diets before – click here to read.

So How Do You Have A Successful Weight Loss?

Do you know what your recommended calorie allowance is? When losing weight, do you know how many calories you should eat? Do you know what the healthiest way to lose weight is? Do you know what the healthiest weekly weight loss should be? Do you know why some weeks you lose weight and some weeks you don’t?  Do you want a weight loss plan that you can just eat normal, every day food that you have at home?

Well you really can. No starvation diet, no meal replacements, no fad diets – just normal every day food with a little bit of what you fancy.  With the Why Weight Ireland Food & Exercise Diary you just enter in your personal details i.e. height weight etc. and you are given your personal calories allowance depending on your specifics and weekly weight Your Weight Loss Success With Our Food Diaryloss wish, up to a max of 2lbs per week.  You then just enter in/select everything you’ve eaten from a very comprehensive list of foods (over 100,000) as well as selecting from hundreds of exercises to choose from.  Sports people, nutritionists, dietitians, doctors and governments, recommend the use of the food diary. The Why Weight Ireland Food & Exercise Diary designed by Dr. Ian Campbell who received an MBE from the Queen for his work in the weight loss and healthcare services and the diary is the first of its kind in Ireland.  The success of Why Weight Ireland is down to the success of its members and their weight loss results.  With the membership consisting of not just the diary access but also a fully personalised and tailored fitness plan as well as receiving the full support that you need you are sure to enjoy your time with us and not just lose weight but learn how to maintain your goal weight for good – just check some of what our member’s reviews – click here

Why Weight Ireland has a passion and success for helping people lose weight and with the first Why Weight Ireland Local opening in Tinahely, Wicklow – offering people the added extra help and personal training will only enhance their weight loss and fitness.

Buck The Trend This Year

So what are you going to do about your weight loss? Buck the trend of failed New Year Resolutions and make sure your weight loss is a success. When making your resolution about your weight loss or getting fit, don’t jump in and try changing everything at once. Start off with small changes so you don’t become overwhelmed.  If you are trying to get fit (or lose weight) don’t force it. Forcing change may make you grow to resent doing any more and give you a negative feeling towards exercise or weight loss in the future.

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