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What is Why Weight Ireland®?

Why Weight Ireland® is a unique and award winning weight loss and fitness business. Until 2018 we offered members access to Ireland’s only fully comprehensive online food & exercise diary, online personal fitness workouts, personal & tailored fitness plans and full email support 7 days a week, all at a lower cost that any of our competitors. Why Weight Ireland also runs a fitness & weight loss studio in Tinahely, Co. Wicklow.
In 2018 Why Weight Ireland decided to alter its business model and ended offering access to its Online Food Diary and will be updating its business model throughout 2018.

The words ‘WHY WEIGHT’, ‘WHY WEIGHT IRELAND’ and the Logo are Registered Trademarks of Why Weight Ireland®

Are you on Facebook, Twitter etc.?

Yes. We have a large following on our Facebook page. Visit www.facebook.com/whyweightireland

We are are on other social networking sites:







Where is the Why Weight Ireland® Studio?

The Why Weight Ireland® Studio is at Unit 2 Riverside Business Centre, Tinahely, Co. Wicklow. (Drive into the business centre and the studio is on the ground floor at the rear of the centre – plenty of parking for everyone)

Can I get trained personally by Hannah in running, fitness or even for private weightloss?

Before Hannah lost almost 8 stone in weight she never exercised and since losing her weight she took up running and has gone on to become a County Champion runner. Hannah runs at all distances including full marathons – 26.2 Miles. Her goal is to get a marathon time of Sub 3 hours.

Due to work schedules Hannah can only have a very limited number of personal clients. She does accept clients for any needs, be-it running, fitness, strength training, weight loss, confidence building etc.
For all enquires regarding personal training with Hannah Nolan please contact her directly by email Hannah@d1459786-92704.blacknighthosting.com.

I am shy. Do you offer private classes?

Yes. We offer both group classes as well as private personal training sessions. We respect your feelings in every thing we do both online and in the studio so please feel comfortable knowing that anything you say or do will be treated with the upmost privacy and confidentiality.
With Hannah Nolan herself losing almost 8 stone in weight, we understand the feelings and emotions that losing weight and getting fit entails.

Do you offer weigh-ins?

Yes. If you are already using Why Weight Ireland online you are entitled to free private weigh-ins and consultations. Contact info@d1459786-92704.blacknighthosting.com with times and days you are free for a weigh-in and we will try our best to suit your schedule.

We do offer private weigh-ins and 15 minute consultation to non-members also. The cost of this is only €5 – again, contact info@d1459786-92704.blacknighthosting.com if you would like to book an appointment.

How much does it cost for a class at the studio?

Our prices vary for members & non-members. If you are already a member of Why Weight Ireland Online you are entitled to discounted classes, free personal weigh-ins & consultations.
For full prices list for studio classes and packages please click here

What is a food intolerance test & how much does it cost?

Why Weight Ireland is an approved supplier for Lorisian Healthcare Laboratory Testing Services. Please contact info@d1459786-92704.blacknighthosting.com for appointments.

Option 1 – Lorisian 50 – 50 foods tested – €149
Option 2 – Lorisian 75 – 75 foods tested – €199
Option 3 – Lorisian 100 – 100 foods tested – €249
Option 4 – Lorisian 150 – 150 foods tested – €299
  • Our food intolerance testing service can be completed on anyone over 2 years of age.
  • If foods are not currently being eaten they may not show up on the test. (This will affect the test as you need to be eating the food to ensure the antibody is present)
  • If you have a blood borne disease such as Hepatitis or HIV, Lorisian will not test these samples.
  • If you are taking any medication such as steroids or immunosuppressants, this can affect the test – we need to know how long you have been taking the medication and at what dosage. Please click here to read more about taking steroids or immunosuppressants and our food tolerance test.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, Lorisian will not test these samples.

The term ‘food intolerance’ and ‘food allergy’ are often confused and are two very different things. Please click here to read more about the differences between food intolerance and food allergy.

Can I purchase a fitness plan without becoming a full member?

All our personal fitness plans are created personally based on customers individual answers. Due to the high demand for Hannah’s services we request that you give plenty of notice. Please contact support@whyweightireland.ie for any enquiries. Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the request.

Hannah Nolan, the owner of Why Weight Ireland® develops fitness plans for both corporate and personal use. Hannah regularly develops runnings plans for Athletics Ireland as well as a lot of corporate events. Any corporate enquiries should be sent directly to Hannah at Hannah@whyweightireland.ie

What is the Total Body Tone DVD?

Why Weight Ireland’s Total Body Tone DVD is on sale directly from the website by clicking the sub-menu under Prices & Signup tab. The cost of the DVD is €20 and this price includes delivery & VAT, so a fantastic offer.
The DVD contains 3 main workouts, as well as a full warmup and cool down section.

  • WarmUp
  • Body Blast
  • Ultimate Legs
  • Core & Legs
  • Cool-Down

You can purchase and download the workouts separately or fully from https://vimeo.com/ondemand/whyweightireland

Will you create a food plan for me?

The reason that Why Weight Ireland works is because you don’t have to follow a set plan. You get to eat your own food. Following a set food plan is just not sustainable. If you require an example of what a typical food diary would look like and see how much food you can actually eat, then as a member, please drop us an email and we can send you a 7 day food plan example.
People are shocked to see that they can actually eat A LOT of food when making the right choices.

Can I work for Why Weight Ireland®?

Why Weight Ireland® are always looking for passionate people who are looking to work in the health & fitness area. If you are looking to work in either sales or fitness than please get in contact and email your CV to info@d1459786-92704.blacknighthosting.com.

If you are a gym or fitness centre, we are always looking for new centres to work with us and offer our diary and services to their members. Offering Ireland’s only fully comprehensive online food & exercise diary will only enhance your members weight loss & fitness journeys.

Can I contact Hannah Nolan directly for corporate or media work?

Yes. Please send all corporate or media queries to media@whyweight.ie

Hannah is regularly mentioned in the media for her health & fitness knowledge, is an Ambassador for Athletics Ireland and a columnist for the Irish Runner Magazine. Hannah also writes regularly for various newspapers and magazines as well as been part of several radio programmes promoting health, fitness and business.
Hannah works regularly with leading businesses across Ireland offering motivational speaking, nutritional and fitness guidance and consultancy.
Hannah’s Why Weight Ireland® is an award winning business. Why Weight Ireland® won the Best Innovation Award at the Chamber of Commerce Business Awards, Finalist at the Blog Ireland Awards, Leinster Finalist for Best Online Starup of the Year at the Bank of Ireland Startup Awards 2014, Finalist at the 2015 SME Awards & 2015 Social Media Awards 

Juice +, Forever Living, Body by Vi Challenge, Clean 9 Detox

At Why Weight Ireland® we are inundated with requests to join fad diets like Juice +, Forever Living, Body by Vi Challenge, Clean 9 Detox and many others. All of the above go completely against what Why Weight Ireland® is all about and under no circumstances will Why Weight Ireland® or their staff be in anyway associated with any of the above mentioned names.
Please refrain from sending in requests for us to join any of the above mentioned businesses as they will not be answered.