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Why Weight Ireland Corporate Package

Studies have shown that active employees take less time off work, suffer less workplace injuries and are more productive at work than a less active workforce.  Replacing minutes of sitting and moving about more in the workplace, walking to a colleagues’ desk instead of emailing, arranging walking meetings, parking the car as far as possible from the company, are all steps in the right direction.  As an employer there are a number of things you can do to encourage employees to be more physically active and Why Weight Ireland’s corporate package will do just that.

Why Weight Ireland can offer corporate motivational sessions, where Hannah will share her remarkable journey and inspire your team into pushing their boundaries a little further, giving that a “can do” attitude and personal belief that anything is possible!

Why Weight Ireland also offers corporate packages specifically tailored to your needs and the needs of your staff.

These needs may also include:

    • Regular talks to staff regarding health, fitness, nutrition and motivation 
    • Fitness training plans for an upcoming corporate race or marathon.
    • Weekly or monthly “Body Analysis” weigh-ins, (showing detailed breakdown of body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat) which will give a full refleWhy Weight Ireland Corporate Packagection of the improvements over the course of the programme.
    • Personal training for corporate management teams
    • Pre & Post Natal sessions for staff who had or are having a baby soon.
    • Express 30 minute group lunch time classes, or longer 1 hour after work sessions and see your staff members get amazing results and improve positivity and productivity!  (As well as being a qualified personal trainer, & nutritionist, Hannah is also a fully certified ZUMBA instructor so you can choose the class that suits your needs! Whether it is an all over body conditioning class, pre & post natal or an intense aerobic Zumba class you are looking for, the choice is yours!
    • Dedicated email support line and face to face advice at the weekly or monthly weigh-ins. 
      What ever your corporate need is, Why Weight Ireland will do its best to cater for it.

Some of the clients we have worked with include Geodis Ireland, SuperValu, Grant Thornton, Athletics Ireland, AppleGreen, Eir, Ulster Bank, Irish Country Living, Samsung, RTÉ, GloHealth, DCSP (Dublin City Sports Network on behalf of the Lord Mayor’s office)

What some of our clients are saying

Corporate Package Testimonials

“Hannah is an inspirational character – We discovered Hannah through her profile interview in the Irish Runner and invited her in to speak to our staff and share her story. What she has achieved is truly remarkable and she tells her story with such ease, nothing is sugar coated and the harsh reality of where her life was is revealed for all to see. Hannah doesn’t hide the difficult moments and shows how true grit and determination can bring anyone to a dawn. The most addictive aspect of her story is that there really is something in it for EVERYONE”.

Colin Feely | Partner | Grant Thornton

I heard Hannah’s story at a local motivational workshop. I have struggled with my weight all my life. I have tried almost every diet you can think of, but after listening to her amazing journey it inspired me to try again with Why Weight Ireland. She came across as such a humble, normal and down to earth lady – everything she said made sense and gave me a real sense of inner belief that I had not felt before. Hannah made it real for me because she is just a normal busy mum – going the extra mile, and making it sound so simple! She really does believe that ANYONE can achieve what they want if they set their mind on it and that certainly hit home with me. I have since joined up as a personal member and have already lost over a stone. My confidence was low but since seeing Hannah, this is starting to change and I am starting to come out of my shell and believe in myself. In all areas of my life.

Mary Murphy | Tinahely | Wicklow | Motivation Workshop

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