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Weight Loss Motivation

Last night I saw a TV commercial advertising weight loss pills and after listening to the advert carefully I easily saw how the “old me” would’ve taken the advert. I know I would have seen it with completely different eyes and ears and jumped right in hoping I had found the “cure” to my weight issues. During the commercial you hear or read (in tiny writing at the bottom of the screen) that the tablets work in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.  This is the weight loss motivation you wanted to hear. If you were thinking of using these different slimming tablets you would usually be over weight or worried about your weight so hearing that this “magic pill” could help you lose weight is like Christmas and birthdays coming together – because you are looking for an answer  you block out the rest of the advert.  The main part of the commercial that I took from it yesterday is that the tablets work in CONJUNCTION with a healthy diet and exercise.  As you are most likely over weight, eating healthily and exercising would make you lose weight anyway, so when you start your new healthy eating and exercising you notice that the tablets MUST be working as you start to lose weight but in fact it is you that has lost the weight by eating healthily and exercising.  If you removed the tablets completely you would have gotten the same result. I guess my main point here – is that if you make a few small but positive changes to your food and activity levels – this is the only pill you need! Getting your high from life and your new routine!

Adding exercise to your life is fantastic and has so many benefits to your health, the list goes on and on but if you want to lose weight you need to have a healthy diet too.  I know so many people that say they have a type of body that no matter how much they workoutI refuse to give up on my self - Weight Loss Motivation they just cant lose weight. The problem is that even if you workout every day, the weight loss won’t happen with exercise alone!  So in essence all the time they are putting in the gym is only probably helping to maintain their weight and balancing off their over eating instead of wanting the effect of losing weight.  I also know a lot of people who say that they have tried cutting back on food and they still can’t lose weight!  It’s only until they either tell me what they are eating or show me their food diary that I can see that they aren’t eating enough food!  Some people think that if you just cut the food out you will lose weight but 9 times out of 10 the opposite will happen. You will either not lose weight or you will actually GAIN weight as your body prepares itself by going into a sort of “starvation mode” and tried to hold on to every bit of fat in the body.  At first, this can lead to sluggishness and fatigue. After a time it will lead to nutritional deficiencies, because if you’re not eating enough food, it’s difficult to get enough vitamins and minerals. Over time, under-eating will weaken your immune system and can interfere with women’s fertility and bone health – not only this but it will and can permanently slow down your metabolism which means you will have even more struggles trying to lose weight and maintain weight in the future.

Working with the food and exercise TOGETHER is going to give you the best results, and once you have the combination cracked the weight (or more importantly body fat percentage) will start to fall and be the start of a happier and healthier new you! It is also important to TRACK your food – in the past with some clients who I asked to keep a food diary they come back with a list of foods that they have eaten for the week. This is great, and gives a real insight…..BUT in 90% of the cases there is no indication of actual precise measurements. Yes porridge, boiled rice, grilled fish, vegetables, sandwich, soup etc appear to be really great choices…….how do we know for sure if we are within the range we need to be to actually LOSE weight. Was the bowl a 30g bowl of porridge or a 50g bowl of porridge? This is where keeping a more precise diary comes into play. Seeing all your food laid out with calorie and fat details alongside it really puts it into a little more perspective and really allows you to re-evaluate your food choices and portion sizes and help to re-train your brain!

Recommended calorie allowances are there for a reason.  The average daily calorie intake is approximately 2,500 calories for men and 2,000 calories for women. However, these areEat Less Sugar - Weight Loss Motivation very crude figures. If the man had a very sedentary job his daily calorie intake would be considerably less than the intake for a man who had a very active physical job. For example a farm labourer would require more calories per day than a desk-bound man working in an office. Also age can be a factor. As people get older they tend to be less active and consequently don’t need to consume as many calories as they did in the past. The “ball park” figures I have given refer to a man and woman in their thirties who are moderately active in their daily lives. It is quite possible that such people could need 500 extra calories per day if their daily expenditure of energy were even moderately increased.  All Why Weight Ireland allowances both for food and for exercise are all based on the members personal details including work activity, leisure activity, ages & sex which gives you the most accurate calorie allowance for each member.

Calories aren’t bad for you. In fact, you need them to survive. A calorie is a unit of energy, and your body requires energy to keep your organs and systems functioning. A food’s calorie count tells you how much energy that food will give you. Carbohydrates and protein generally have four calories per gram, and fat has nine calories. Peanuts are high in all three, and they have about 427 calories in a half-cup of nuts. Lettuce, on the other hand, is low in carbohydrates, protein and fat. A cup of shredded lettuce only contains 10 calories. It doesn’t necessarily matter how much food you eat – what’s important is that you get enough calories to keep your body running, without eating too many calories that will be stored as fat.

My 3 Top Tips for Successful Weight Loss

Successful dieting is all about PORTION CONTROL. One reason diet experts tell us not to eat in front of the TV is because it’s too easy to ignore how much we’re eating when we’re distracted by channel surfing. So now that you’re tracking your caloric intake, make sure you’re matching that up with your portion-sizes too. If you must eat in front of the TV, dish out a small portion for yourself in the kitchen. It might be helpful for you to use a smaller plate. This way you’re forcing yourself to take a smaller amount. And finally, do not go back for seconds!

Know that losing weight is a long-term goal, and a lifestyle change that will be hard, but well worth it. There will be days when the scale doesn’t move at all, and even days when it goes the wrong way. But stick with it. You can do this. Because a healthy weight means a healthier you. Better eating habits and physical activity will help you live longer. Plus, eventually you’ll be able to fit into those jeans you love 🙂 You’ll enjoy going clothes shopping. You’ll smile at yourself when you look in the mirror 🙂 Weight Loss Motivation is a massive part of a Successful Weight Loss.

Choose your vice. Okay, you’ve worked hard to create a weight-loss and exercise plan that fits your lifestyle. You’ve stopped buying junk food. You’ve committed to an exercise plan. Now, give yourself one small treat that you will continue to eat or drink throughout your weigh-loss. Perhaps it’s that evening glass of wine. Or a daily square of chocolate. This vice might even become part of your daily or weekly victory celebration. But the bottom line here is that you don’t need to completely deprive yourself of everything you love in order to lose weight. Dieting is about moderation, not deprivation. So find one thing that will be your daily or weekly indulgence, and enjoy it but don’t over indulge!

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