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Why Weight Ireland Digital Food Scales

If you’re on a diet, you’re watching serving sizes and calories. A great way to keep yourself honest is to use a food scale. Why? Because many people normally eat servings that are much larger than recommended amounts. A food scale teaches you portion control and keeps you from eating more than you planned. Your Why Weight Ireland Food Scales works perfectly together with your Why Weight Ireland Food & Exercise Diary.

Why Weight Ireland Food ScalesWhy Weight Ireland has teamed up with Kitchen Craft, one of the UK’s leading producers of kitchen & homeware items.  Our Why Weight Ireland Digital Food Scales comes in two colour options, Pink (SOLD OUT) or Purple (SOLD OUT). Our electronic kitchen food scales are a stylish, space efficient glass platform scales to use stand alone or with various size bowls.
Add ‘n’ weigh function returns the measurements to zero after each ingredient is added.
Displays grams and ounces up to 5KGs/11bs.
Stain & odour resistant weighing plate.
Batteries included.

The Why Weight Ireland Digital Food Scales are €20 each (inclusive of VAT) and can be purchased in our studio in Tinahely, Wicklow, at this price.
For other areas we have a special delivery rate from Án Post: Registered €6.50 or Express €9. We ship to both Ireland & UK. For other areas please contact us before ordering.

PLEASE NOTE: Scales are all sold out

If you have any queries please contact us directly by email info@d1459786-92704.blacknighthosting.com

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