Why Weight Ireland App


Why Weight Ireland App

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Why Weight Ireland Free App

The NEW Why Weight Ireland APP brings all the best of what we offer into one place. Optimised Food & Exercise Diary, Motivation, Exercise & fun 🙂

You can use the app on the following devices: iPhones, iPads & Android devices.

Visit the App Store on your device and search for “Why Weight Ireland” – the app icon is the Why Weight Ireland logo.

To use the Food & Exercise Diary option you must be a current, fully paid member and have a valid user name and password. When you have a valid login you just need to log in and make sure the “Remember Me” box is checked. For the first time accessing the app diary, click the back arrow in the top left hand corner until you get back to the main screen – all times accessing the food diary from then on you will just go straight into the diary without having the need to log in.

When signing up to Why Weight Ireland you MUST create your personal profile using the full desktop version. Once your profile has been created you can access the mobile version.

Visit www.whyweightireland.ie and click on the Prices & Signup tab to sign up.

The Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Photos, LiveAlbum, Exercises, Studio, Newsletter and Contact tabs are all available to everyone.

The Live Album is a fun app where people can post their favourite pics so others can see. When posting a pic, the app requests you to say YES to a Conduit request to receive access to your public profile and also a request for Conduit to post on your profile – None of your posted pics are posted on Facebook. The way the pics are shared it uses the Facebook backend. Failure to accept the requests from Conduit may prevent you from sharing your pics.

Due to the live nature of the Live Album anyone can post a picture from their device – please make sure you post your picture to the correct location – incorrectly posted pics will be removed to keep the groups consistent.

When you post a pic it can sometimes take up to 1 hour for the pic to be shown in the app – so if you take a photo and upload it to one of the groups but after refreshing the app the photo doesn’t show – Don’t worry – Check back later and your pic will show correctly.

The Live Album tab is monitored so any inappropriate pictures or inappropriate comments will be removed instantly.

Why Weight Ireland Food Diary App


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