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Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise


Aerobic Exercise For Weight Loss

I am regularly asked “what is the best exercises to lose weight, is it Aerobic or Resistance training”? A lot of fitness consultants will give you different answers but when it comes to shedding those unwanted pounds, you might want to consider turning to aerobic exercise, as new research suggests that it is a more effective method of burning fat than resistance training.

In research published on Saturday 15th December edition in the Journal of Applied Physiology, researchers from Duke University and East Carolina University describe a randomised trial in which they compared the effectiveness of three different methods of exercise (aerobic, resistance training, and a combination of the two).

A total of 234 overweight or obese adults, none of who were diabetic, participated in the study, and each was randomly assigned to one of the three groups. One group exclusively participated in weight training, another exclusively participated in aerobic exercise, and a third performed both types of tasks.

The resistance-training group lifted weights three days per week, completing three sets of 8 to 12 repetitions each during their training days. The aerobic training group participated in approximately 12 miles worth of those types of exercises, which include walking, running, and swimming, per week.

The final group performed all of the exercises that each of the other two groups did — three sets of 8 to 12 repetitions each of weight training three days per week combined with roughly 12 miles worth of aerobic exercise.

Aerobic Exercise“Data from 119 people who completed the study and had complete body composition data were analyzed to determine the effectiveness of each exercise regimen,” officials from Duke University explained. “The groups assigned to aerobic training and aerobic plus resistance training lost more weight and overall body fat% and inches than those who did just resistance training. The resistance training group actually gained weight due to an increase in lean body mass.”

“Aerobic exercise was also a more efficient method of exercise for losing body fat. The aerobic exercise group spent an average of 133 minutes a week training and lost weight, while the resistance training group spent approximately 180 minutes exercising a week without shedding pounds,” they added. “The combination exercise group, while requiring double the time commitment, provided a mixed result.”

While the combination group did help the participants lose both weight and fat mass, it did not result in a significantly greater result in either category when compared to the aerobics-only group. However, the researchers noted that the third group did actually experience the largest decrease in waist circumference, which they say could be attributed to the fact that they spend the most total time exercising.

The lead author Dr. Leslie H. Willis, an exercise physiologist at the Duke University Medical Center, said: “No one type of exercise will be best for every health benefit,” she added. “However, it might be time to reconsider the conventional wisdom that resistance training alone can induce changes in body mass or fat mass due to an increase in metabolism, as our study found no change.”

Aerobic Exercise with Hannah NolanFor me personally during my weight loss journey I stuck purely to cardio exercise and whilst I saw great results the more I was able to increase the intensity and the fitter I got – I still felt I lacked that “tone” even after I had hit my goal weight. Adding resistance exercises along with my cardio exercise I have noticed a definite improvement in the tone and the shape of my body, and also I have found that I seem to be able to maintain my current weight without too much trouble at all (which is not something I EVER thought I would be able to say!).

So if you are looking to lose weight then start working on your aerobic exercises, cycling, running, cross-trainer, swimming, Zumba, aerobic classes, fitness videos – anything that takes your heart rate into that aerobic zone. For members, don’t forget to check out the aerobic & resistance videos on the Why Weight Ireland website 🙂

Make This Year The Year For Change

After the success of my Triple Threat Fat Attack back in October, over the next two weeks I will be going through an all over body workout which you can do at home so make sure you follow these blogs.

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