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Quick Weight Loss

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Quick Weight Loss - Lose Weight 4Ever

Quick Weight Loss

Different sites mention different ways to instantly shed your weight either through diet or exercise. The problem is that they leave out the negative effects that quick weight loss has on your body. We all want to lose weight in a hurry and I’m sure you have all Googled for the easiest and the quickest ways to lose weight but losing weight too quickly is unhealthy and unsustainable. The recommended healthy weight loss is 2lbs per week and that is with a combination of healthy eating and exercise.  2lbs probably doesn’t sound very much but think about 2lbs of butter!! If you have more weight to lose you may find the weight comes off a little quicker than 2lbs per week, and for those with less to lose or a slow metabolism then it may come off a little slower, but 2 lbs is what we should be aiming for.

A lot of us have done all the random diets but they all have the same problem; you lose weight too fast and the plan is not something that you can stick to on a long-term basis and then you end up putting weight back on then you become emotional and the weight increases even more and the vicious cycle continues and the yo-yo dieting starts again.  Have you lost weight and kept it off for a few weeks and then find that your weight has gone back on again with no signs of it stopping?  If this is happening to you the chances are that you had been losing weight too last.  Once you finished your ‘diet’ you began to1 lb of Fat - Why Weight Ireland eat what you used to and the weight went back on. What did you learn from your ‘diet’? Most people want to eat their own foods but most diets plans don’t allow this or restrict this! In this day and age it is almost impossible to eat like a Saint all the time. Yes there are plans that will make weight fall off fast but the majority of people will put the weight straight back on (plus more). Losing weight slowly is a successful, proven and medically recommended weight loss plan that consists of a combination of healthy eating and exercise so you can lose weight correctly, but most importantly, safely.  Using a food & exercise diary and visually being able to see the food you are eating and what effect it has on your body will make a huge difference to your weight loss and will make maintenance a lot easier and successful too. You will learn about foods, food portions and how different foods affect your bodies recommended calorie allowance. You will also learn about the different exercises you do and how they benefit you and your allowances. The more you are honest with yourself and fill in your diary, the greater chance you are to losing weight and keeping it off.  Only you have the power/choice to enter your food in to the diary; if you do, you will lose weight – if you don’t or only part do it, then the chances are you are kidding yourself and your weight wont budge. There are a lot of free food diaries or food journals available but most of these have not been developed by doctors, some of their calories allowances are incorrect and in some cases dangerously low plus they are flooded with adverts. At Why Weight Ireland we have NO adverts on any part of our food & exercise diary and will keep it that way. Our Diary was developed by one of Europe’s leading Doctors and specialists in weight loss, Dr Ian Campbell (MBE) so you know what you are getting comes highly recommended. With over 100,000 foods in our database, it is the largest Food diary in Ireland and the UK. We are confident that our online food and exercise works and our members have proven this so now you can see for yourself by taking our 2 day free trial. Visit our website for more details.

Quick Weight Loss - Rome Wasn't Built in A Day

Are you aware of the effects of rapid weight loss on your body?


  • The term cellulite refers to the appearance of dimpled skin on your abdomen, thighs, buttocks and hips. Weight gain and loss are one of the reasons for cellulite.

Weight Gain

  • We may lose weight quickly with intense ‘dieting’, but your body tries to accumulate calories when it lacks sufficient vitamins and minerals. The practice of not eating only does more harm than good.


  • This is common sense; lack of a balanced diet will lead to malnutrition.

Makes you Hungry

  • If you haven’t eaten after a long time, do you feel like eating fried and oily food? That’s exactly what happens if you starve yourself.

Lack of Energy

  • Fainting – Lack of nutritious food equals lack of energy. Feeling tired? Try to eat a nice healthy meal.

Hair Loss

  • Lack of protein and nutrients can lead to hair loss. Your body needs food to regenerate cells.

Depression, lack of sex drive and irritation are some emotions you will face with ‘quick weight loss’.

Don’t be fooled with quick weight loss diets. Effective weight loss is a combination of exercise and diet, the healthy way.

Weight loss is not a piece of cake!

I am often asked, “how does the diary work” and “it is hard to use“? Well, thanks to your feedback I am now in the position to offer everyone 2 Days FREE access to Ireland’s best online food & exercise diary 🙂 Click the link below to be brought to the diary home page where you can click on Take a 2 Day Free Trial – once your trial is complete you can visit our Prices & Packages page and select one of our memberships to continue and receive the benefits of being a full member.

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