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Online Weight Loss - Why Weight Ireland


It’s that time of the year when Halloween is over and the thoughts of not just Christmas but also the thought of our weight is on our minds so I am going to write about the benefits of an online weight loss program and why you should make Why Weight Ireland your choice to lose weight and get fit.  If you’ve had a long Summer struggling with your weight, if you’ve had too much over Halloween, if you want to get fit and drop a few pounds for Christmas then now is the time.  Aim to end 2016 just like you are going to start 2017, positive, strong and in control.

Why use an Online Weight Loss Programme

I originally set up Why Weight Ireland as a 100% online weight loss business because as a wife and a mother I wanted to have more of a work / life balance.  I wanted to be able to offer my members the best possible experience while also being able to be around my family. When I was losing all my weight I didn’t have time to go to meetings plus I lived in the middle of nowhere so the nearest meeting would be a minimum 30 minute drive soHannah Nolan | Why Weight Ireland after driving almost 2 hours to get home from work the last thing I wanted to do was to go to a meeting! Offering an online weight loss programme gives men & women the opportunity to lose weight and get fit in their own time without the need to go to a meeting. Being an online business it also gives the member and me that instant connection via email. Losing weight isn’t something that you do a few hours a day or during your lunch or in the evenings. Losing weight is a full time commitment and being online gives me that opportunity to help others all of the time, every day of the week – when ever a member has a question or query, I always try to respond as soon as possible, no matter what time or day it is. When someone emails me they could be feeling down because they can’t stop eating or are feeling down because something had happened and if they don’t get to talk to someone they may turn to their nemesis, FOOD! For this reason I also try and make different avenues available for members to access. This is why I started and opened my first studio in Tinahely, Wicklow. I can speak to people face to face, offer various fitness classes, private member weigh-ins, consultations and lots more. There is also a Private Why Weight Ireland Facebook Community Group where people can chat, post questions, give encouragement, motivate or take part in challenges that keep them on their toes and keep them involved.

Your Fitness

Being mainly an online weight loss business it also gives the member and me the opportunity to work together on a fitness plan without the heavy expenses of having to go to the gym. As a member you get a full fitness plan that can be tweaked any time as long as you are still a member. It also gives us the opportunity to chat any time about your fitness, as I am always available via email.  Members also receive discounted fitness classes in the studio, free private weigh-ins and consultations. Adding exercise to your new routine will benefit you and make sure that it becomes a new way of life that will help maintain yourFitness with Hannah Nolan goal weight more easily in the future. Compared to some businesses you can be charged for a fitness plan every six weeks.  My fitness plans have been used for corporate events, Athletics Ireland and Fit4Life Programmes and of course my very own members who have achieved some fantastic running times across various distances and shown great progress while using my plans so I am confident that they do exactly what they say on the tin! As well as the fitness plan members also get access to fantastic online fitness videos that you can do ANYWHERE (as long as you have internet access!) and will give you a full workout, the same as any gym or personal trainer would put you through, but without having to leave the house and pay the extra costs. The exercises I use in my videos are the same as I would use for my personal training clients & DVD, so I know the brilliant results they get. If you are like the way I was, I was afraid to leave the house so this would have been perfect for me. I used to go out either very early or very late for walks just so no one saw me! If you feel like this then look no further than Why Weight Ireland. Your personal weight loss journey is the most important thing to me. How you feel, how your experience is going and how I can help make things easier for you and how I can help you lose weight are my goals for you. I am always developing Why Weight Ireland to make it better for its members. In the past year we have added Food Trigger options and reports as well as an online Weigh-in Club as part of the diary and of course we released the Total Body Tone DVD. We will also have some new cool updates to the food diary in the coming weeks 😉

Another benefit of choosing Why Weight Ireland as your weight loss programme is that you also get access to an optimised mobile site that you can access from any smartphone, which makes accessing your food diary even easier when you are out and about.  Tracking your food couldn’t be easier.

If you stick to the Why Weight Ireland plan YOU WILL HAVE THE BEST CHANCE TO LOSE WEIGHT & GET FIT. If you are already at your recommended BMI/weight but need help with understanding more about the food you are eating then the food diary will work for you too. Also those who are at a healthy weight but are wanting to work on their fitness without spending a fortune on gyms and instructors then using the online weight loss programme from Why Weight Ireland is just what you need as every member gets a personal and tailored fitness plan as well as the food and exercise diary.

Why Weight Ireland is an award winning weight loss & fitness business and is being highly recommended by those in the Sports and Health Industry and of course its members for its ease of use, encouragement and promotion of healthy living while also promoting exercise as part of your daily lifestyle. No fad diet here!

As I’ve always said, Why Weight Ireland is not just a diet, it’s a new way of life and now my members are saying the same, so if you are looking for YOUR new way of life then make sure you sign up to Why Weight Ireland for your online weight loss programme.


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