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We have LIFT OFF!

So today is LAUNCH DAY! We are officially open for business and it’s all very exciting! Yesterday I felt quite emotional about it all, I was just looking back at my old pictures and remembering how I felt when I was bigger and it made me fill up just thinking about all the other people out there who are in the same place I was just a few years ago. I used to splash a smile on my face but inside my emotions were so raw and I was so desperate to change but it was just so hard to get going. And now here I am ready to launch the business that I hope will help others to achieve their dream weight. I want to help others feel so much better about themselves and really make a big change for the better – in one way though I’m almost glad I used to be overweight, it gave me an enormous (excuse the pun!) insight into all the different emotions and opinions associated with not being a “normal” size. I think I really learnt not to judge a book by its cover. When I was larger I was still Hannah Nolan, but nobody really seemed to see who I was, or even notice me much. Now the weight has gone I’m still the same person – just a happier and healthier version. I don’t even know what I’m trying to say – except that its very easy for people to judge others by the way they look, but in reality we are all the same on the inside. Losing the weight and getting rid of that outer shell will just help “show off” that happier, more confident you instead of hiding yourself away from the world. I know how I felt before I lost the weight – I’d lost my “sparkle”…….I guess thats why yesterday felt so emotional – because I knew from the large number of entries into the competition that there were others out there who must feel the same as I’d felt, and the desire to help them coupled with the absolute empathy I have for people who are also desperate to make a change was a little overwhelming I guess.

So anyway, before I continue being all soppy and deep – lets finish up on a brighter note ha ha. It’s a wonderful sunny and warm day to “Launch” the business, and what better time with summer just around the corner to get cracking on the diet! Perfect weather for getting out in the fresh air and getting active 🙂

On a slightly different note, I also completed another Half Marathon yesterday. It was only my 3rd Half Marathon race but I somehow managed to come 3rd! I am absolutely thrilled although slightly achy today as the course was VERY hilly. It is also the 3rd year since I started losing the weight and we are still in March which is the 3rd month! I wonder if the number 3 is my lucky number??

Thank you all for bearing with us through the Trial period and now Why Weight Ireland is fully operational I hope to be working with some of you and supporting you every step of the way to achieving your own weight loss and fitness goals.

“So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know we have the key”……..You hold the key to your own success, believe in yourself, believe in better – and together we can MAKE it HAPPEN!

Hannah x

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