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One thing people have always commented on is my honesty! I will hold my hands up and say that even now I still have bad days and yes I still do make the not so good nutritional choices 100% of the time. I am definitely a believer in everything in moderation and that although I try to stay as healthy as possible the majority of times – I still allow wiggle room for a few treats and a little bit of naughtiness every now and again!

A short time ago I was made aware of this “gluten free” and “low calorie” beer called Hüfi! I have to say I had not actually heard of it before! Whilst I am always on the look out for lower calorie options for my members, I have to admit I am not really a beer lover! I would probably prefer a nice chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc truth be told, and the last time I drank beer was quite some time ago in my student days where the “pound a pint” options were available (and it was more about price than taste!). However…….

I have to say that even on my first day of the Hüfi beer I was pleasantly surprised! One ofHüfi Bottle Beer the other reasons why beer is never really my first choice (or second or third!) for an alcoholic beverage is that I suffer from IBS, which is usually triggered by gluten, amongst a few other things. The fact that Hüfi beer is gluten free, for me personally was actually a major point as well. On the odd occasions that I HAVE had a beer over the years, it always has left me bloated and often in pain in the hours that have followed – but with Hüfi being gluten free, this was a MAJOR upside for me!

Apart from being gluten free and easy to count those calories at 93 calories per bottle – it is very easy to drink! I can actually say I didn’t just drink it, I really ENJOYED it! As a non-beer drinker I found it did taste of beer – but without being OVERLY “beery” and was really refreshing and light.

I wasn’t initially sure if it was just me enjoying the drink so it was great to get feedback on a much larger scale and a fantastic opportunity to have been provided with some additional samples for the launch night of our fabulous STRONG by Zumba! Usually beer wouldn’t have been my first port of call after the launch of an exercise class, however with it being a Friday night and also sharing the post class fun with the Ireland Rugby match it was a great chance to let the hair down a little after such a tough class!

The STRONG by Zumba class kicked off in full swing, nobody really knew what to expect – apart from my own warnings that it was TOUGH! Standing up on the stage of the full room I was certainly feeling a little nervous but as the first song kicked off I started to ease off a little bit. I had been worried practicing the choreography in the lead up that it might be too complex and just too hard – but as the class carried on forward and I popped my head up to motivate the class to stand back up from yet another burpee and plank on the floor I was filled with amazement and pride at the class of complete beginners absolutely SMASHING IT!

I had a few small “wobbles” where my mind went momentarily blank but if anything it
 probably helped to break the ice a little more and help everyone else participating realise that nothing or nobody has to be perfect and it’s okay to just keep going 🙂 When the final Hüfi Beer Cansong kicked in I was surprised how quickly it had flown! And just as the final song came to a close and I started to do the cool down and stretch I suddenly had an internal panic! With the smile spread across my face to attempt to hide the panic – I felt the colour drain from my face as
I realised that of all things I had forgotten the BOTTLE OPENER!! The sound system, music player, Hüfi promotional posters, beer and water and cups and napkins, fitness questionnaires and waivers, Hüfi feedback questions, sign in sheets, payments system and countless pens and clipboards (nearly everything I could possibly need plus more) and yet I had forgotten the most important thing!

Thankfully I had some great support in the shape of my husband and some of the other fitness instructors from the studio and they must’ve telepathically picked up on my internal cries for help and disappeared and reappeared with the bottle opener! PHEW – Crisis averted! With everything in hand and the participants absolutely buzzing after the class we continued with the after party and had a great breakdown and feedback of both the class itself and the Hüfi beer tasting 🙂

Like me, a good few of the ladies were not “beer drinkers” – but also like me they were pleasantly surprised how easy and refreshing it was to drink with a pleasant and no overwhelmingly strong taste. Taking back the tasting questionnaires I was surprised to see how many really enjoyed the taste! For all of us in the room the name “Hüfi” was not one we had come across before – but almost everyone agreed that they would both drink it again and recommend to a friend!

Bottom line – would I drink it again?…..YES! Would I recommend to a friend – YES! Would I go out and buy it – DEFINITELY

Hüfi Beer

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The 33cl bottle is priced in line with other 33cl bottled beers and is available nationwide in all good pubs, Tesco, Dunnes Stores and SuperValu.

Hüfi is also available in a 50cl can retailing at just €1.90. It’s available to buy in all good off-licences including Dunnes Stores, SuperValu, Tesco, Spar, Centra, Molloys, Fine Wines and O’Briens.

Always drink responsibly 


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