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Bored Running

Bored Running


First of all I would like to say what a wonderful response I received from people regarding my last blog “Don’t Judge”.  It was really touching to hear that not only are people reading my blogs but people are getting benefit from them too.  Weight issues affect so many people not just in Ireland but also across the world. Not everyone has someone to talk to or have anyone that can relate to what they are going through.  I am glad that you are feeling comfortable enough emailing me your stories and issues and please continue to do so.  I will always help when I can and all are dealt with the utmost privacy and compassion.

I had my last race last on Sunday evening.  It was the Leinster Senior Road Championships and the Leinster Club Championships.  Wicklow ladies team came 2nd 🙂  and as well as the silver medal I also received Bronze in the individual ladies race, which I was over the moon with, especially since my legs were still so heavy after the marathon 6 days before.  I was so tired by the end of the race.  As I mentioned in my previous blogs my iron is extremely low at the moment so even though I am booked in, I have decided to give the Dublin Marathon a miss this year.  I am going to work on my speed for the rest of the year and run some 10KMs & half marathons.  I only started running 14 months ago and haven’t really had a break since I began!  I joined the Spartan Challenge this time last year and by the end of the year (after the Dublin Marathon) I was already running club races.  Then I was straight into marathon training again for the recent Kildare marathon so I think if I did the Dublin marathon so soon my body won’t get a chance to rest and heal as I am shattered at the moment so I’ll probably just end up injured.  I’ll take a couple weeks rest now – still go out every couple of days for a run but no more long distances – just keep the fitness up and the miles in the legs.  I’m booked in for the women’s mini marathon, which is 10KM so that will be my next outing and looking forward to that.  I always like when I run in Dublin as I’m surrounded by hills here in Wicklow and its nice to have the faster flatter surfaces. I did the mini marathon for the first time last year and it was a great atmosphere with such a huge amount of people there so I’m looking forward to it this time round too.

Are you all running it?

It’s amazing the amount of people that have taken up running recently.  Everywhere you turn you see people running.  It’s brilliant exercise and more importantly it is free (well until we start buying new trainers, running leggings with of course co-ordinating running tops, decent sports bras, sports socks to stop blisters……the list goes on ha ha.) 🙂 I have friends and family who have all taken up running and I have met a lot of new friends through running and I hope it continues.  Even when I am at races, you can get to the race, say the odd hello and the odd nod.  Once the horn blows you could be running next to someone for hours (marathon) and not say a word but once you get to the finish line you are best of friends 🙂 If you have never been in a race you should sign up for one.  It is an amazing feeling and a wonderful experience.  Races aren’t just for elite athletes or club runners, there are all shapes and sizes running, jogging and walking so don’t be afraid to sign up, go and enjoy the atmosphere.  You won’t be disappointed, and it also gives you a great incentive to work towards beating your time the next time you race 🙂

Are you bored running?

People often tell me that they enjoy running but get so bored running they gave it up or want to give it up and how do I not get so bored?

Well I used to think the same!  I used to think, God, what is all the fuss about running…it’s boring.  I’d try running with music for a while and that made it a little easier but then after a while that too became boring, as I had listened to all my music and I couldn’t hear my breathing technique!(if you are living in built up areas or running on busy roads it is not advisable to run with music)  I then started to try different routes on each run and that made a massive difference.  Every few weeks I would go back to one of the routes and see my improvements when I was able to beat my previous time.  I realised that I get VERY competitive with myself.  When I’m working towards races now – I just want to beat my previous time for that distance. Now I know that every run and every race is not going to be a personal best, but it is something to keep you going, keep training and working toward. Something to keep the interest and motivation going – and even if time isn’t a concern of yours, the motivation of seeing the improvements you are making also makes all your hard work worthwhile. 🙂 I could come last in a race but if I beat my previous time I would be over the moon and to me that is like winning the race, winning your own race!

This said – remember that you should not push your body to its limit each time you train – trying to beat your previous time, should really relate to “time on your feet” and slowly increasing the mileage, rather than going out and trying to push at your hardest to beat your time for the same route, instead beat your previous best by adding an extra 2 minutes of running – save the speed work for speed training sessions and races and make sure you have “easy” runs mixed in to your running week so that you won’t be over stretching your body and risking injury 🙂

So for those who are getting tired of doing the same runs:

  • Mix it up – change your routes
  • Motivate yourself – set yourself a time target and after a few weeks training set a date beat it to show yourself the improvements in your fitness.
  • After beating your target time keep mixing up your training and prepare yourself to trying to better it in a few weeks time.
  • Don’t train all your runs at race pace! Mix up easy comfortable work with 1 or 2 days of speed work for a good balance.
  • Get yourself some new running gear that you feel comfortable in
  • Challenge yourself – don’t pick the easy route – aim for the hills 🙂
  • Set yourself a goal to aim for – i.e. 5KM, 10KM, ½ Marathon or Marathon
  • Bring a friend or partner with you – the miles go quicker and easier with a buddy!
  • Don’t use excuses not to get out
  • Most importantly Have Fun & Enjoy Yourself 🙂

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