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Shoulder and Arm Exercises

Hannah Nolan

Shoulders & Arms Exercise  with Hannah Nolan

Some great Shoulder and Arm exercises

In the previous blog we looked at exercises for the back, so today we are going to look at some great shoulder and arm exercises to continue your fabulous toning routine.

Shoulder Exercise 1 – Shoulder Press

The shoulder press works both your shoulders and also your triceps (backs of the arms). Holding the weights at your shoulders for your starting point and then push up towards the ceiling letting the dumbbells touch gently above your head. Return the weights back to your shoulders and repeat the movement (15 reps)

Shoulder Press                          Shoulder Press 2

Shoulder Exercise 2 – Frontal Raise

The frontal raise works the front of the shoulders. Hold the weights in your hands letting your hands hang down straight at hip/thigh level for your starting point. Keeping your arms straight lift the weights out in front (to shoulder height only) and then return to hip level. Repeat the movement (15 reps)

Frontal Raise                          Frontal Raise 2

Shoulder Exercise 3 – Lateral Raise

Keeping your feet shoulder width apart let your weights hang down, slight bend in the elbow and keeping that same position throughout the movement. Take your arms out to the side to shoulder height only and return to the starting position. Repeat the movement (15 reps)

Lateral Raise                          Lateral Raise 2

Arm exercise 1 – Triceps Extension

Now we are going to do a quick exercise focussing on the tricep (backs of the arms – or “bingo wings”). You can do this exercise 1 arm at a time (using the other hand to support) or both arms together using 1 weight. Hold the dumbbell up above your head keeping your elbows close to your ears let your elbows bend so that you are taking the weight back behind your head/between your shoulder blades. Push the weights back up until arms are extended and repeat the movement (15 reps)

Triceps Extension                               Triceps Extension 2

Arm exercise 2 – Triceps Dip

The triceps (bingo wings) are often a tricky area for ladies in particular so it can be a good idea to perform several different tricep exercises. This exercise is handy if you do not have any weights to hand as can be performed pretty much any where! Sit on the edge of a chair (or step) and place your hands next to you letting your fingers fall over the edge of the chair. Shift your bottom off the chair and slowly bend your elbows letting your bum move towards the floor. Push up extending your arms to the straight position again and repeat (15 reps). To make the exercise easier bend your legs, or to make the exercise harder you can lengthen your legs out straight!

Triceps Dip                           Triceps Dip down


Triceps Dip Alternative Version (difficult version)

Triceps Dip - Difficult Version                     Triceps Dip - Difficult Version Down

Arm exercise 3 – Bicep Curl

Usually our biceps are stronger than other parts of our body as we use them so frequently in every day life – so you may wish to try a slightly heavier weight here. Keeping the elbows firmly into your side and hands extended down (palms facing out), curl the weight up towards your chest and then slowly lower again. Repeat the movement (15 reps).

Bicep Curl                          Bicep Curl 2

Once again these shoulder and arm exercises will really help to tone your upper body. I know for me I always struggled with my upper body image, and always dreaded the summer as I longed to wear vest tops without being self conscious of my wobbly upper arms. Performing these exercises really helps to tone up these negative areas and help you make the most of your new body as the pounds fall off! Roll on the summer!

We now have quite a good bank of toning exercises to draw from, but we are missing one MAJOR muscle group – and that is the legs! Stay tuned for the final installment of the exercise demonstration which will focus on those legs and bums! In the meantime – keep up the other exercises and now add in the shoulder and arm exercises to complete your full upper body workout!

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Hannah x

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