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Whether you are competing with others or simply competing with yourself to get in better shape we are all striving for the same outcome…to IMPROVE! Whether its your body shape or your time in a particular distance that you want to shape up it is very easy to slip into the same routine and suddenly see a halt in your improvements! Here are some top tips to keep moving, keep running and keep getting closer to YOUR new level of fitness 🙂

1)   Set some goals

Sounds really simple right? But if you don’t actually put pen to paper those goals can soon slip through your fingers with one or two skipped training sessions, or 5 minutes less here, 1 less interval there. Draw yourself up a plan of action on paper for 6 – 8 weeks at a time outlining your goals and training times, speed sessions etc and then stick it on the fridge and stick to it! Once its in there in black and white it is much more difficult to avoid and you are much more likely to see consistent improvements!

2)   Mix up your training!Hannah Why Weight Running

Try to mix up the type of training you do each week. If you are running several times a week, then mix up the type of training, adding interval sessions and tempo runs as well as the longer, steady and easy runs. With the Speed sessions – keep mixing them up! Sticking to repetitions of 1-minute intervals each week might seem the easier option, but the body thrives on change! So every time you do an interval session change it up! Change the time/distance of the intervals and change the recovery sessions to so that you make sure you are constantly challenging and pushing your body in different ways 🙂

3)   Get your “start” records

A great way to measure your improvements is to keep a record! When I first started my weight loss journey I didn’t really want to take my measurements – but now I really wish I had so I could see how far I came! Now I’m all about taking measurements and tracking progress! For my running of course I use the Garmin 610, and my heart rate monitor to see how my heart health is improving!

  • If you are shaping up by losing weight then take your measurements with the tape as well as the scales! The more you tone up the more the measuring tape will come into play as you gain muscle and lose inches!
  • If you start a new training plan why not check your starting fitness levels? A VO2 Max test is a great way to measure many different aspects but will give you a brilliant in depth analysis of your current cardiovascular fitness! Don’t be scared by these kind of tests! These are not just for elite athletes but for you too! It will give you a detailed breakdown of your individual fitness profile and give you the information you need to reach the next level of your training! What’s more – once you have your start reading it will really give you that extra buzz and motivation to set those goals in stone and see your improvements with your retest after a few months! After being very nervous about taking one of these tests I took the plunge and booked one! It was actually pretty painless and amazing motivation to see the breakdown! You can also get them done at a fraction of the cost of what they used to be! For just €60 you can get your test and full in depth analysis! (Email me at if you want more info on getting this done!)
4)   Get stuck in and don’t forget to reassess!

Once you get stuck into your new regime – don’t forget our bodies change quickly, and some people may see results quicker than others! If you feel like you are flying, then don’t forget to recheck and reassess your goals! Keep moving the goal posts! The same goes for if you have had a slip up and are not as on track as you thought – no worries, just reassess and get stuck back in! 🙂

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