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“Hannah is an inspirational character – We discovered Hannah through her profile interview in the Irish Runner and invited her in to speak to our staff and share her story.  What she has achieved is truly remarkable and she tells her story with such ease, nothing is sugar coated and the harsh reality of where her life was is revealed for all to see.  Hannah doesn’t hide the difficult moments and shows how true grit and determination can bring anyone to a dawn.  The most addictive aspect of her story is that there really is something in it for EVERYONE”.

Colin Feely | Partner | Grant Thornton


I have had the pleasure of working with Hannah several times now and each time her dedication and passion for what she does shines through. In our recent publication I wrote, “Few front covers in our 30 years of publication have prompted as much response as the feature in our last issue focusing on Hannah Nolan….the reaction to the story was overwhelmingly positive”.  This is what Hannah brings to the table, her dedication, passion, hard work and most importantly, honesty.

Frank Greally | Editor | Irish Runner Magazine


I joined Why Weight Ireland in June 2012 in an effort to improve my diet and get rid of some stubborn pounds as part of my training for Dublin Marathon 2012. I had always suspected that there was a direct relationship between losing weight and improving my times. I had lost some weight in the build up to my previous marathon in April 2012 and got my best time down to 3:11 from 3:19.

With the invaluable support from Hannah at Why Weight Ireland and the use of the Food Diary and the personal fitness plan my weight fell by another 10lbs – weight that I had found extremely difficult to lose before joining.  I finished the Dublin Marathon in 3:04 and on the way set personal bests at 10k, 10mile and half marathon.  I am hoping for a serious attempt at improving on that time in October 2012 (once I stay fit!!) and I will be using Why Weight Ireland and Hannah to help me achieve that.

There is no doubt that joining Hannah’s website and having her support in losing the weight from June-October 2012 was a very important factor in my improvement.  It wasn’t all plain sailing and it was at those difficult moments that the support was most important.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Hannah and Why Weight Ireland to anyone.

John F. 


When I first saw the advert Why Weight Ireland I thought that it was too good to be true! How could entering in what I eat in to a diary help me lose weight? I’ve been on diets and trying to lose weight for longer than I’d like to say so why was this going to be any different? Over the following few days I saw the advert again and thought I’d give it a go for 30 days and see how I get on.

I am proud to say that it was the best decision I have ever made and I have not looked back since. I’ve lost over 3 stone, feeling good, sleeping soundly and I have a kick in my step again which I haven’t had in a very long time.  With the support and advice from Hannah, losing weight has been relaxing and fun at times. It hasn’t just helped me but the knock-on effect it has had on my family has been life changing.

Why Weight Ireland is part of my life now and I’d be lost without it. Hannah has helped me completely change my life. This is the easiest of testimonials I’ve ever written.

I would highly recommend Why Weight Ireland & Hannah to EVERYONE

Geraldine F.


I just wanted to say a MASSIVE, MASSIVE, THANK YOU for all your help and advice over the past few months as it definitely paid off on Monday. I crossed the line at the Dublin Marathon in 3hrs 52 mins knocking 23 mins off last year’s time, which I was over the moon about.

I ran the marathon last year in 4.15 and thought I was brilliant but at that stage I didn’t really know anything about heart rate training, interval, tempo runs or food but since working with you and your fitness plan and with all your help explaining everything and me changing my whole training methods its improved my running 100%.

Although I was already in a healthy BMI when I signed up I still managed to lose half a stone using the fantastic diary, combined that with the fitness plan I have really toned up. I’ve always had body/food issues from as long as I can remember and sometimes it’s a constant battle both mentally and physically, but since I’ve taken up running and changed my diet to maybe eat a little more but a lot more healthy stuff I can honestly say I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with my body, don’t get me wrong I still have my bad days but there are a lot more good days than bad days lately which is definitely better for me, oh and for my family 🙂

So THANK YOU again for helping me achieve, can, I say it again, yes 3hrs 52 lol, I really, really, appreciate it.  My advice to anyone wanting to lose weight or get fit is to sign up with Hannah and Why Weight Ireland now – You won’t be disappointed.

Cathriona F.


I decided to sign up with Hannah at Why Weight Ireland after seeing her and 
reading about Why Weight Ireland in the Fit Magazine, the fitness magazine that
 comes with the Irish Independent.  I had tried many diets all of which 
worked for a while until I got bored and fell off the wagon.  I had counted 
points but got fed up of that and should have had shares in Amazon with the 
amount of diet books I had bought.  The worst thing was my children were 
picking up my bad eating habits.  I lectured them about eating healthily
but wasn’t “walking the walk” myself.  My summer clothes were too tight and 
while I didn’t have masses of weight to lose I didn’t feel comfortable and 
was tired of grabbing sugary, fatty treats on the run and feeling tired all 
the time.  I found Why Weight Ireland and Hannah to work brilliantly.  The
 food diary was easy to use.  All I had to do was be honest, log every
 thing I ate or drank, all the cups of tea, the spread on the toast,
everything.  I was given a calorie allowance and if I had a special 
occasion coming up I did extra exercise.  Hannah provided me with a 
Personalised Exercise Plan which was easy to follow and tailored to suit me 
and the activities I liked which meant I was more likely to stick to it. 
Hannah was a huge support.  If I had even a tiny query she e-mailed me back
very quickly and it was like having my own personal cheerleader.  Someone 
always encouraging and supporting me and offering lots of helpful advice 
every step of the way.  I used the Mobile Diary all the time.  If I was 
waiting on my children to finish training I would fill in my food diary on
 my phone.  I thought Why Weight Ireland was great value especially when I 
compared it to what I spent on sugary treats and chocolate in the
supermarket in the past.  The forums were very helpful too.  You could sign
up for challenges to keep you motivated, chat with other members or just read and get encouragement from others.  My advice would be to sign up and 
try Why Weight Ireland – you certainly won’t regret it!

Anne C.


I only spent one month with Why Weight Ireland due to my financial situation but it was a great month. The amount of advice and support I got from Hannah was invaluable. Her email replies were personal and detailed, not ‘one-fits-all’. She really cares about her members and their health. I’ll miss her and her support and enthusiasm while I’m not a member. She’s a great role-model.

I’ll be back with Why Weight Ireland as soon as I can afford it, as with Hannah’s help it’ll be easier to reach my goals (weight and exercise).

**Update: BJ is now back on board and doing an excellent job



I can honestly say that this is the best weight loss plan that I have ever signed up to (and believe me, I have subscribed to a lot of them!).  I am ecstatic with the results that I am achieving each week

The online food diary is very easy to use and very informative.  I am much more conscious now of the amount of fat that I eat throughout the day.  I love the fact that I can input a recipe and have a nutritional breakdown of it immediately.  I also love that I can write up my food diary from my phone, not a piece of paper in sight so it looks like I am sending a text if I have to do it in company.

Hannah has been a fantastic support to me over the last few weeks.  When I email her, it’s like chatting to a friend.  The exercise plan that she designed for me has been enjoyable and more importantly is designed specifically to encourage me to exercise enough to achieve results but not put me off after just one day.

I couldn’t recommend Why Weight Ireland highly enough!

Linda C.


I have just completed my 1st month with Why Weight Ireland. I had decided to give it a try for one month to test the waters. I love it and have just joined up for another 6 months. To date I have lost 7lbs but more so I have learnt so much about the food I have been eating and only now am I seeing where I always went wrong – that 1 pkt crisps a day or small bar of chocolate really add up! I am not calling this a diet it is a learning curve and as long as you are honest (which I have not always been) you will lose weight. What I love is that you also get a fitness plan to work along side your new healthy eating plan. I have become much fitter in the last 4 weeks and I really felt this at my last 10k run – I was not huffing and puffing going up those hills, they were tough but I never once felt that I would have to stop and walk – that is down to the fitness. Also Hannah has some great videos on her website for toning, and all over fitness. The forums are great places for us all to encourage each other and even vent, moan if we want to – this is good cause you don’t feel you are alone on this journey. For the next 6 months I know I am going to get better results because I have learnt so much in the last 4 weeks. You don’t have to wait for your weekly meeting to ask a question, Hannah is there for you anytime, she is so helpful and understands our journeys because she too has travelled this road. So I am looking forward to the next 6 months and urge any of you pondering, join NOW – you will get hooked. Good Luck to all

Brenda B.


Over the years I think I have tried and joined every diet and fitness plan going, including all the quick fix ones 😛 – yeah I lost a few pounds but like most people, they all went back on with a few extra each time. I had followed Hannahs blog through the Spartan Challenge last year and was amazed and inspired when I read her story about losing weight and getting fit.  So when I saw that she had started up Why Weight Ireland I decided to give it a go.
What I love about it is how easy it is to follow, and like she says its NOT just a diet, it’s a new way of life!! This is so true, you have everything you need in front of you, every food has the calorie details on it so it’s so easy to see where you are without trying to work out points and saturated fats etc. It all just makes so much sense! 😀  Not only do you get help food wise but a personal exercise plan that’s easy to follow.
I have just completed my first month and have lost 11 lbs so far, I’m thrilled, I honestly have not found that I’m hungry or missing out on anything – I still go out for my few drinks at the weekend and nothing is off limits as long as I’m honest and log everything I eat 🙂 , plus if you have something special coming up, just do a bit more exercise coming up to it so you wont go over your allowance 😉
I have started running recently and I’m loving it, I feel so much better and healthier.  I would honestly recommend this to everyone trying to lose a few pound and get healthier, believe me it works!!! The support Hannah gives to EVERYONE is amazing, I dont know how she fits it all in, but she is always there to give support and encouragement 😀
As a FORMER yo-yo dieter all I can say is – “If I can do this, then ANYONE can” – its worth it 😀 😀
Thanks for reading and the best of luck to you all xx

Michelle D.


I decided to join Why Weight Ireland not to lose weight but to maintain weight and for some support in staying fit and healthy.  I’m no athlete but I love running and exercise but often struggle with these.

Being a wife and Mother and having recently gone back to work, I was finding it hard to commit to classes, gyms etc.  No one to ask about exercise issues or just chat with other people on the same path.  I love the website and especially the new forum.  So whether its to lose weight, maintain weight or become fit,

I  would highly recommend Why Weight Ireland

Annette P.


I have struggled with my weight all my life. I have tried Weight Watchers, Uni-Slim, almost every diet you can think of and this is the best.  It’s not even like a diet; you can eat what you want once you enter it into the diary.  The Food Diary is just amazing and simple to use. 10 years ago I was nearly 20 stone but managed to lose about 5 stone a few years ago but was still over weight.  Gradually my weight began to creep up again.  I did not want to go back to the 20 stone person I was once before.  I was well over 15 stone when I joined up with Why Weight Ireland and Hannah and I have to say she has been amazing.  I do not have much confidence but this is starting to change slowly and I am starting to come out of my shell.  Since signing up for the 6 month membership, my weight has greatly reduced and I can’t wait to reach my goal 🙂 With the help of Hannah’s fitness plan I can proudly say I walked 10KM for the first time recently and I never thought I would ever have been able to do that before!  Since I have started the Why Weight Ireland plan I am not as tired and I am sleeping better.  All I can say is that Hannah is great and gets you back on track and really keeps you motivated.  The help and support Hannah has given me since I started is just amazing.

If there is anyone out there who wants to shift the pounds I would definitely recommend Why Weight Ireland.

Mary M.

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