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Road Blocks

Road Blocks

Road Blocks

So today I am going to talk about road blocks! Not literally the kind you come across when driving but more the mental ones when we set about any kind of journey in our lives. Sitting down to write this blog, I too had a complete mental block! First of all had NO idea what I was going to write about, then I would have a small idea and start writing……only to then delete every single word I’d written and be left with that blank page staring back at me! Sighing and frustrated my husband is looking at me like a weirdo as I’m still staring at the same blank word document over an hour later and I’m sure he’s thinking I’ve actually finally gone and completely lost the plot! But no – just hit a little bump in the road with my writing head and mental block!


And so here we are! Well, mental blocks can and do affect most of us in all areas of our lives. For me today – obviously it is my ability to structure a sentence, but for some of my Why Weight Ireland members this week the struggle is diet and fitness related! Some days you feel you can take on the world, and then other days your head just seems to let you down. All the willpower just seems to disappear into thin air – and getting back on track is always something we will definitely do “tomorrow”,…and yet once again by 11am the next day our minds have taken over again and getting back on track seems hopeless. I’ve heard the phrase “mind over matter” so many times, and it really is so true. Even though we know that the tasks we set ourselves are achievable – sometimes it does seem like mission impossible! The good news is – you CAN do it, because it’s all in your head – get your head sorted and it’s easy!!! The bad news is…….it’s all in your head – if your head isn’t cooperating then it makes it so hard to conquer!


I think the most important thing in keeping your head space strong is making sure you have a little time each day to clear out all the clutter and make sure you are ready to tackle a new day. Find something that works for you and apply it! My favourite different head de-cluttering tips below – or why not post some of yours up?!


  • Meditation – I’m not personally able to sit down and hummmmmmm for any length of time, but I do my own form of meditation which involves lying in a darkened room with candles (or sometimes just a nice soak in the bath with candles) Just lying down with my feet up with the candles really just relaxes me for some reason, definitely worth a try to escape from the sound of the kids screaming for 5 minutes at the end of the day 🙂
  • Write things down! Sounds so simple – but writing lists of your feelings and goals can be really useful in re-focusing and getting that positive energy flowing again! Drawing up a plan on paper can really help you visualise your goals again, and what’s more you can get a sense of achievement each day when you can tick it off as complete! I suppose my blogs are my way of writing things down!
  • Mental Battle: If your mental battle with the bulge is getting in the way of your weight loss – then try going back to basics. Strip off in front of the mirror and remind yourself WHY you want to travel on the weight loss journey in the first place! Refocus your energy by confronting the issue head on. Show your mind what your body is doing and get yourself all pumped up to change it!
  • Music and motivational stories and quotes! Sounds really corny, but nothing lifts your spirits like putting on your favourite tune, or reading an inspirational story or those little motivational quotes!
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…If at first you don’t succeed then try, try again! Some days you just won’t be able to get your head in gear, no matter what you do! But if you just keep trying – eventually you will get there! And don’t forget – you can only fail if you stop trying!


This week for some reason I’ve had quite a few emails from Why Weight Ireland members who are hitting a little bump in the road, and for the most part it is down to mentally “losing the plot”, or “just can’t get my head around it today”, or “can’t seem to motivate myself”.  Maybe it’s the constantly changing weather that is leaving us all confused?! I’m not entirely sure what it is – but what I do know, is if we all keep focused on our goals, and keep moving towards them we will get there.   Look at the bigger picture.  Yes there are sometimes roadblocks and we will have to go a longer way around – but if you keep travelling on the path you have chosen, and keep re-mapping your route in your head as you go…. YOU WILL GET THERE 🙂


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Hannah x



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