Suncream in March

Drink Water  - Suncream in March

What Was The Last Time You Used Suncream in March?

Wow – the weather has just been lovely the last few days and I certainly never thought I’d be slapping on the suncream in MARCH!! Yesterday I had to do my training session and the extra heat definitely made it much more difficult – and I know from chats with other Why Weight Ireland dieters the heat and sunshine was making everyone’s exercise routine that little bit harder! But that said – there was some great energy and effort and it definitely feels good to have pushed through and got it done 🙂

With all the warm weather it reminds us all of the importance of staying hydrated during exercise! When you are trying to lose weight its important to really just keep hydrated with plain old water, its very easy to buy into the sports hydration drinks but unless you are buying a “light” version the chances are it will be filled with calories that you don’t need which is undoing all the hard work you are putting in exercising! This doesn’t just go for the sports drinks, but any drinks. I always found that drinks are the one thing you tend to forget about – maybe just because its not “food” – but there are a lot of calories in many drinks that we could probably save ourselves so be careful to check! Even if something is healthy, like a fruit smoothie or what might appear to be a flavored water there may still be a LOT more calories than you think! I was very surprised when I worked out that my fruity smoothie was well over 200 calories – and I’d happily drink that alongside my lunch not even thinking that I was adding so many calories! My choice of soup and a bread roll for a nice low 200 calorie lunch was suddenly not quite so low as I’d thought when that drink got added in! So moral of the story – check what you’re drinking too, not just for hydration but also to keep you on track with the diet 🙂

Just before I sign off for today I just wanted to say a big warm welcome to everyone who has taken the plunge and decided to sign up to Why Weight Ireland. I’m really enjoying putting together the personal fitness plans and I can see you are definitely going to keep me on my toes! Some fantastic energy and positivity coming from everyone and I just KNOW that so many of you are going to reach your goals and find the “new you”.

The journey has only just begun but together we can get the job done!

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