Roy’s Testimonial


Roy’s Testimonial

Roy's Testimonial - BeforeAt the age of 64 I felt much of my excess weight was down to just getting that little bit older – over the years the weight crept up and I just blamed it on “middle age spread”. I considered myself to be fairly active as I play football twice a week and am on my feet most of the day, and didn’t feel I ate an excessive amount either so honestly felt that it would be difficult to achieve a drastic change to my physical appearance at my time of life.

After a visit for a Well-Man check up my blood tests revealed that I was at an increased risk for Coronary Heart Disease and of having a heart attack due to high cholesterol – I decided that I needed to try something. I have 3 young grandchildren and I wanted to make sure I was still around to see them grow up. I knew that I needed a simple diet that made it easy for me to eat what I enjoy and this diet plan seemed the best fit for me.

I was given a daily food allowance in calories based on my own personal details. At first I did not fully understand what a “calorie” related to as have never been on a diet before but still gave it a go and entered in everything I was eating. The diary did all the hard work calculating numbers for me so all I had to do was concentrate on what I had left to eat! I was extremely surprised at how MUCH I was able to eat just by making different and better choices – some days I actually struggled to eat my full calorie allowance as it seemed too much, I wasn’t sure how the diet could work as it seemed TOO easy! In my first week I was pleasantly surprised to have lost 4.5lbs! A few weeks into the diet my wife was away with business and I cooked myself one of my usual “pre-diet” meals, I was shocked to see it was actually much higher in calories and fat than I had expected it to be – and not half as filling as the healthier options I had been eating.

Another change to my diet was alcohol. I have always enjoyed a glass of wine or two each evening but after the alcohol monitor on the food diary helped me see what I was drinking reality sank in about how this was affecting my weight gain I cut this down significantly and kept wine as weekend treat to look forward too. I found this easier than expected, and definitely saw the benefits straight away in cutting down on the wine, both with increased weight loss and the increased energy levels.

Roy LatestAlthough I enjoy playing football twice a week already, Hannah’s tailor-made exercise plan helped even more. It took into account the exercise I already did but also added new areas that I hadn’t even considered, and I am now feeling fitter and healthier than ever!

In just a few months I have lost over 3 stone and feel great. To lose the weight at my age is all down to making small changes to my eating and exercise habits, and the support of Hannah. I have hit my original goal weight and to be honest at the start I felt it was unachievable – but Hannah’s confidence in me spurred me on to succeed. Now I have hit my first target I plan to continue lose a further stone which will take me to an even healthier weight range.

“Roy has continued to watch his weight and has reached his final goal weight and says he is now happily able to keep up with his grandchildren”

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