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Over the past couple of weeks we have seen remarkable men and women push themselves to their limits to become the best in their field at the Olympic games.  Each one of these people had dreams, an Olympic goal that one day they would reach the Olympics and they did what ever they could to get there.  They put all the time, effort, ups & downs, heartaches and tears to get themselves to their best physical shape to compete against the best in the world and become the best in the world.  For me, these have been one of the best Olympic games I have watched – from the great opening ceremony, the TV coverage, the brilliant challenges each athlete went through,  the world records, the fantastic support and of course the Irish athletes who showed each one of us that if you want something then you can go for it and your dreams can come true.  Our very own Katie Taylor was such a hero and a role model and for me she was the star of the games.  She had been dreaming of being an Olympic Champion all her life.  As you know, this was the first time Women’s Boxing was at the Olympics and from a sport that no one knew much about, Katie has changed that and is now a global super star and placed Women’s Boxing up there with the rest of the great sports to watch and she will be forever known as one of Ireland’s Greatest Athletes.

Although most of us probably won’t be global superstars in our lifetime, we do all have our own dreams and goals in life.   My goals change all the time and every time a reach a goal I set myself another and go for it.  You can do the same. You just need to set your goals and try and achieve them.  The chances are you will hit road blocks along the way but it’s these roadblocks that teach us how to over come them so next time they happen we just go through them and on to our goals.

Your goals do not have to be of an Olympic Standard, but even setting a range of different goals can help give you a boost and also something to strive for in the future 🙂 I like to set myself some small, really achievable goals, some medium term slightly more challenging goals – and then of course some slightly more long term (or completely crazy) goals too…well why shouldn’t we have a dream??! Dreams really CAN come true, and hey if we don’t achieve those crazy long term ones, then we can still tick off the smaller ones and a few of those medium term ones too!

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Plodding along through every day life can be a real struggle sometimes, and I know I often feel like “how am I going to get everything done?” there do not seem to be enough hours in the day sometimes, and life is not easy but with a little re-jigging then you may actually find you CAN achieve more than you think you can! Get a plan together and fit it in! Today is the day you are going to make those dreams become YOUR reality! No matter how small or far off – start today!

I remember listening to Katie Taylors interview after she won Gold and she made so much sense. Winning that Gold medal was her dream, she worked hard and even when she was tired and sore she knew she wanted to achieve her goal so no matter how tough it got – she knew she wanted it so bad that she pushed herself to the limits to get it. Without the hard work, the encouragement from her father and family, without the motivation to succeed, without all her effort it wouldn’t have happened – women’s boxing wouldn’t be an Olympic sport and Katie Taylor would not be women’s first Olympic Gold Medalist Boxing Champion and I’m sure at times she wondered if it would ever happen…but hard work and perseverance does get rewarded!

Weight loss and fitness is a difficult and long path, but like anything in life that is worth having – it tends to take hard work and commitment. It doesn’t take 2 weeks to gain weight and get unfit so it won’t take 2 weeks to get it off either! Set your goals TODAY, write them down – short term, medium term and long term! Stick them up on your wall and then look forward to ticking them off and achieving them! Find something that inspires you, and have that at hand ready to give you a pick-me-up when the going gets tough, remind yourself that what you want in the future is more important than what is dragging you down now. You can never fail if you keep trying!

Thank you to all the Irish Athletes who competed in the Olympics.  You all did an amazing job and are all winners in my eyes.

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