Marie’s Testimonial

Some of you may have read our previous “Marie’s Story” where she spoke about her weight loss and the hope she would hit her final goal weight in six months time. After been one of our trial participants, and had such great results, she signed up for a further 6 months with the hope that her goal weight would be reached. We felt it would really inspire some of you to tell her story on how she now hit her final goal! 

Marie’s Story

Marie's Testimonial Before the Weight Loss

I’ve been overweight for the most part of my life. I considered a size 16 and extra large to be okay. Fooling myself into thinking that I was big boned and broad. My weight really spiralled out of control in the last 6 years following the births of my three children. Before I knew it I was a Size 18/20.

I tried all sorts of diets in the past, which worked for the short term, but as soon as I’d drop a dress size I’d slip back into my old ways and habits and the weight would pile back on again. When my oldest daughter started the Naoinra play group in my local village, I’d see my friends meeting up after dropping kids off to school and heading out walking and eventually running. “That will be me some day”, I’d say to myself. At that time I was pregnant on my third child and my second little girl was only two.

Then last summer I noticed that every night my ankles were swollen. I was 35 years old, three small kids and swollen ankles! I went on line straight away and looked up the nearest weight loss programme. I attended the following Monday evening and tipped the scales at 15st 10.5lbs. I felt physically sick. The usual questions started, how did I let thisMarie's Testimonial happen, how was I even going to start? I went home and my poor husband was afraid to ask how I got on, I think he knew by my face. However, I got stuck in and week by week the weight came off. I joined Castlecomer health and fitness club along with some friends and the journey began. I dusted off the treadmill in the spare room and began running. My initial aim was to run 3km without stopping. It was tough enough trying to juggle it all with the kids especially when I went back to work in November but it all fell into place. By Christmas 2011 I was down two and half stone and fitted nicely into my old reliable size 16. Now this was where it could have all started to go wrong but I struggled on.

At this stage I was tired of counting points and was looking for a new way that better suited me. I also found that trying to get to the weigh in was becoming a problem, just not enough time in the evenings after working all day as all of you out there with small kids will appreciate. I could never stay for the meeting, therefore, never availing of any of the support from the other slimmer’s or the team leader. Then one day I was scrolling through Facebook when up pops Hannah Nolan with her fantastic new venture Why Weight Ireland; I was hooked straight away. Everything about it just appealed to me from the food diary, online forums, low calorie recipes, fantastic ongoing support from Hannah and her brilliant and easy to follow health and fitness plan. I was selected as one of the participants for the 4-week trial pilot and I have to say it suited and fitted my lifestyle perfectly. I then signed up for 6 months and continued to drop the pounds every week.

I remember in one of my many, almost daily emails from Hannah, that she suggested I Marie's Testimonal - Hitting Goal Weightwork towards a 10km run. I was almost horrified at the thought, negative thoughts straight away of course as I was, at this stage, barely able to run 5km. However, at the back of my mind the seed was sown and before I knew it I was signed up for the ladies mini marathon and then during the summer I did another 10km. Running now is almost second nature to me. I love Hannah’s website and all her exercise videos which I can do in the comfort of my home. I also still attend Castlecomer Health and Fitness club twice a week, my week just wouldn’t be the same without it. The strengthening and conditioning work really played a vital role in my weight loss and toning journey.

I have finally reached my target of 9st 7lbs and am a size 10.

I love the new me and all the compliments I’m getting and the support from my friends and family has been fantastic! For reaching my final goal and getting into a healthy BMI, Why Weight Ireland have organised a free dress of my choice from  So thank you to & Why Weight Ireland for a dress I could only have dreamt about wearing before. 

Marie adding her hand prints to the Wall of Success in Why Weight IrelandMarie adding her hand prints to the Wall of Success in the Why Weight Ireland studio Tinahely, Wicklow.  

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