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Laura is one of our success stories and for me an absolute privilege to have worked week to week with and watching her amazing progress first hand in the Tinahely Studio! From the outset Laura was absolutely determined to lose the weight she had gained over the years and combined the Why Weight Ireland food diary with increasing her exercise and improving her fitness to get consistent results week on week. In just under 4 months Laura has lost 3 stone and is an absolute inspiration to others showing what can be done when you just “get stuck in and DO IT!” Consistent diary keeping, consistent exercise and consistent RESULTS!

Laura’s Story

Laura Before Taking On Her GoalI made a decision last Christmas that I was going to lose weight once and for all!! Like most people I would go on a diet, lose a few pounds here and there, and inevitably get fed up and fall back in to my old ways. I had seen a poster in the shop advertising the Why Weight Ireland Local Studio and as soon as Christmas was over I made contact with Hannah and signed up to the diary for six months. I had my first weigh in and it was my heaviest ever weigh in, so I got stuck in straight away as I really wanted this to work.

From the very start my weight started to come off, I had my measuring scales on the counter top and everything got weighed and logged into the diary every single day. I started exercising again which I hadn’t done for years. Initially I started with Hannah’s Body Blast and Legs Bums and Tums classes in the Local Studio and I went walking again. As the weight started to come off I remembered that we had a very good threadmill in the garage and I brought that in and put it on the kitchen floor so that I could do a session on that while the girls watched TV and played away. Within a few short weeks I started to jog on the threadmill and I set myself goals on that too, always pushing myself to jog for a little bit longer and do a bit more of an incline. On Sundays I would try to go out for a run in the woods and bit by bit I increased the length of time I could run without taking walking breaks.

In relation to the diary I always made sure I kept some calories for the evening time so that I could have a snack, and once I was having a snack I didn’t feel as if I was being deprived and craving all the “nice things”. By mid April I had reached my first goal, I had lost 2 stone at that stage and I decided to go for another ½ stone loss which came off at the same rate as the previous 2 stone and then I was so close to having lost 3 stone and with a week’s holiday in the sun booked for the 18th May, I decided to give it the last hurrah!!!. The day before my holiday I had a weigh in with Hannah and to both our delights I had reached my final goal weight.Laura After Losing 3 Stone with Why Weight Ireland

I have lost 3 stone in weight and I have never felt better. I have tons of energy; I look and feel so much better. I have received so my compliments and queries as to how I lost the weight; to which I wax lyrical about Why Weight Ireland and Hannah Nolan. Hannah’s own story was enough to get me started and kept me going throughout.

Two months have passed since I reached my goal and I am delighted to say that I have no problems maintaining my weight. I even ran my first ever 10K run in Dunlavin a few weeks ago and I did that in 1 hour and 3 minutes!! I was elated I can tell you. I continue to renew my diary subscription and I still fill that in daily, because I like the feeling of control it gives me.

Thank you Hannah for giving me the tools to get back to the weight I was over a decade ago!!

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