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Being in the right frame of mind

So many people start and fail to lose weight because they just aren’t ready. You MUST be in the right frame of mind and you have to have the right weight loss attitude before starting any weight loss journey. We all know dieting isn’t easy, and those who think differently, obviously haven’t had weight issues/problems. If you aren’t in the right frame of mind, the chances are you will NOT succeed. You might last a week or two but by week three you will have gotten bored or the loss is going too slowly for you, whatever it is, you’ll find an excuse to give up. So many people start off with the best intentions to lose weight but even offering them the best tools available to lose weight they just aren’t ready. I get so many people contacting me about their family members or friends who are having difficulties with their weight and that they wanted to sign the friend or relation up to either the diary or personal training. I always advise that the person that they are calling about should contact me directly. As we know our weight is a very private and personal matter and from my experience, those who are “pushed” into signing up to a programme to lose weight are the first ones to fail – because they just aren’t ready. Until people figure out for themselves that they want to lose weight or need to lose weight, they will fail but once they know that something has to be done, ‘before it’s too late’, that is the first hurdle and the journey can begin. The second problem with starting a weight loss programme when you simply aren’t ready – is that the constant falling down and unsuccessful attempts can push you deeper down into the spiral of negative thoughts associated with weight loss and “diets”. Losing weight is NOT impossible but slowly building yourself up with a positive attitude towards a change in lifestyle can help reinforce the positive thoughts about change and when you are truly ready you can then get stuck in and start to see you CAN succeed!

Having the Right Weight Loss Attitude

Having the right weight loss attitude is so important and after getting over the first hurdle your journey can begin. There is a misconception that being on a ‘diet’ or losing weight has to be a chore and something that will mean you can’t have a life anymore or enjoy yourself or even stop eating all the foods that you enjoy – This is not true. Losing weight can be a wonderful journey, a life changing journey, reeducating yourself about food, finding, learning and creating new delicious recipes; getting the family involved and bySlow Progress is Progress to a Successful Journey helping yourself you will be helping and educating them too. You also don’t need to waste money on expensive powders, shakes or replacement meals – you can get everything you need from everyday fruits & veg. No more face-cream to make your face glow, with your new lifestyle and drinking water, people will notice that you have a “glow” about you, the colour will come back to your skin and you will look so healthy.  One complaint – but a good complaint – is that you will have never eaten so much food before! You should find when you are losing weight that you will be eating MORE than you were and you are still losing weight! This is because with having the positive weight loss attitude and determination will make it easier for you to make the positive choices when it comes to your food. You can eat so much food when you know what you are eating and know the amount of calories you are taking in. If you don’t know what you are eating and how many calories are in it – how will you know that you aren’t eating too much or not eating enough? Just because something says low fat on it doesn’t mean its going to be low calorie and healthy for you. You might notice that if you compare the normal versions of some foods with the lighter versions – there isn’t actually much difference between them – be careful of advertising!

Road to a Successful Weight Loss Journey

One of the benefits of having a positive weight loss attitude is that you will understand that losing weight won’t just take a week, a month or even a year. Losing all my weight and reaching my final goal weight took me just over two years. What are you willing to do to get your goal weight? How long are you willing to give it? Is 6 months too long for you? Is a year too long to work at getting your body to a healthy weight? Is 2 years too long to possibly saving your life? Is your lifestyle being passed on to your children? Is your child’s weight more than it should be? By changing your lifestyle and doing something about your weight will benefit your family; Especially if you are the one who makes the meals and does the food shopping. Only you can make the decision to do something about your weight and only you can make the excuses to stop losing weight. Looking back at photos when I was overweight and William was a year old he was very over weight too and I know it was my fault because it was my decision to give him certain foods. I was always guilty of using biscuits as foods to give him when he was crying or wanted a snack! It was the easy way out for me! Once my weight loss journey began it had knock-on effects to my kids and my husband – it was either eat what I make you or you’ll go hungry so they didn’t have much of a choice lol 🙂 But, I know now that both my children are in the perfect percentile and they have an understanding with food. They would know which foods are better for them compared to others and would usually make the right choice – but don’t get me wrong, they are still a 4 yr old & 3 yr old so they still like their treats (and so does mummy too) 🙂

If you are sick of dieting and trying to lose weight then…STOP. Stop trying to force losing weight. Follow these simple steps to help streamline your weight loss:

▪   Keeping a food diary to make sure you are within your recommended allowance
▪   Spend time in the shops reading food labels – or even try an online shop and take your time to view the nutritional information
▪   Spend time preparing meals & measuring your food
▪   Saying no to extra portions
▪   Making conscious choices about what you put in your mouth

For permanent weight loss, you need to pay attention to what you eat and make good choices more often than not. Structured diets eventually end, but healthy eating never stops. There will never be a time when you’re done eating healthy. You might feel you’re sacrificing the good stuff (pizza, take-away, etc.) and your life won’t be fun if you can’t have those foods. Guess what? You can still have them…just not as much as you want.

The final important part of a successful weight loss journey is exercise.  If you don’t workout consistently enough, it’s hard to lose weight. Yes, it’s possible to lose weight through diet alone, but you’ll likely hit a plateau at some stage. You can’t out train a bad diet. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym; you only need to set up a reasonable fitness plan that you can follow each week. It’s not about killing yourself with workouts, it’s about finding something you like and that you’ll continue with for the rest of your life. You have to be willing to be more active on a regular basis, not just for a week here and there.


Remember, it’s not just a diet, it’s a new way of life.

 A Successful Weight Loss Plan

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