Jacqui’s Testimonial

I know when I was trying to reach my goals, seeing other peoples stories really helped to motivate me so I hope that Jacqui’s story so far will encourage some of you that change IS possible, and that if you TRULY want something then it CAN be done. There is support out there available and there are all the tools you need to succeed – sometimes it is just a case of drawing that line, deciding now is the time to be honest with yourself and start YOUR journey to the new you 🙂 


Jacqui's Story - Why Weight IrelandJust a few short months ago I met Jacqui down at my studio for her first weigh-in and consultation. We discussed the Why Weight Ireland food diary but Jacqui felt confident going it alone and felt she knew what she was doing by eating more healthily and starting to exercise. After a few weeks there was no weight loss on the scales and by the 3rd week there was actually a slight increase in the figures. I could see how disheartening this was for Jacqui so I suggested again that keeping even a paper and pen diary could help her to identify what was going where. Like many people I meet, the truth is without actually KNOWING 100% what is going into the body with food versus what is going out through exercise it is much harder to lose weight. Often we will underestimate the amount we are eating, and overestimate the amount of calories we have burnt through exercise which overall leaves us not creating enough of a calorie deficit to actually lose weight. Also much of the time when a person decides to take action against their weight it has come after a period of months or years of overeating and very steadily gaining weight. The number of calories eaten to slowly gain weight is a substantially larger amount than the amount needed to LOSE weight. Therefore many people who start a healthy heating plan will feel they have really “cut back” on what they usually eat and genuinely believe they should be losing weight at a decent rate. However – much of the time the reduction of calories is perhaps more inline with “maintenance” calories rather than weight “loss” calories. Yes there may be a reduction in the amount eaten – but it may only be enough of a drop to stay the same weight rather than actually allowing your body to burn fat and lose weight. Sometimes it does seem like it is a lot of work but with a bit of careful planning and making better choices with your food – you may even surprise yourself with how much you can eat when you get the combination just right!

Jacqui was definitely a great example of this, and not being put off by the non-movement of the scales she began keeping a note of everything she was eating. The first thing she noticed was that she was actually eating more than she thought she was. Weighing and measuring was a real eye opener in getting the portion sizes just right and also some of the foods that she thought were healthy turned out to be a little more calorific than she thought. After just 1 week of keeping a diary Jacqui lost 5lbs. The week after she lost another 2 hitting her first half stone marker! She admitted that it had finally “clicked” with her and she had been “codding herself” before believing that she didn’t need to keep track because she “knew what she was doing”. Seeing the spark in Jacqui was fantastic and she started straight away using the online diary and she decided to signup for the 12 week (3 Month) Platinum package to help push herself even further with a combination of the food and exercise diary, personal training and unlimited fitness classes at the studio.

Jacqui worked hard week after week and the results were fantastic. The odd week of course there were small bumps in the road but she just dusted herself down and got back on with it! In just 3 short months she has made amazing improvements and her fitness has increased 10 fold! In her own words Jacqui describes her journey so far.

Jacqui’s Story

Jacqui Before - Why Weight Ireland Even as a teenager I was over weight. At the age of around 16/17 I joined the local weight watchers club. Like everything at first I put my all into it. I would trick myself into thinking I was eating healthy and that the scales were wrong. Eventually when I wasn’t seeing any results I would give up going to the classes saying to myself they don’t work. Throughout the years I have joined and rejoined every club there was to try and lose weight. But once I would have a bad week I would just say, “What’s the point” and give up again.

Having been sick on and off for two years I was finally diagnosed in November 2012 with Adult Onset Asthma. I knew then I finally had to do something about my weight. I was squeezing into size 20 and now my health was also being affected. In February 2013 I went down to Hannah to ask about joining the classes. I attended one or two classes each week and again was tricking myself into thinking that I was eating healthy. And again no results on the scales! I was reaching the point where giving up was the only option. However, thanks to Hannah and her wonderful support she encouraged me to try out the diary and see how I get on. I can honestly say I haven’t looked back since. I signed up for the 3 Month package and it was well worth it. I had my personal training sessions each week which was great for keeping me on track and it was great being able to go to all the classes I wanted to. It also made such a difference having Hannah there as she is always willing to have a chat and answer any questions I have and help me in every way.

The classes and personal training sessions were so motivating and everyone in the classJacqui After- Why Weight Ireland inspired each other. Hannah was great at getting the best out of me and in no time at all I got my first star on the ‘Wall of Success’. It was a great achievement for me and I couldn’t wait to get the next star up there. To date I have 5 stars up on the Wall, each representing different barriers that I had crossed but all meaning the one thing…I did it 🙂

I have just started into my 4th month and I am already 2st 8lbs lighter. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and I feel great. The support I have received from my partner, family, friends and Hannah has been out of this world and exactly what I needed to get where I am today.

The experience has been truly amazing and I’m really looking forward to the next three months.

In just 12 weeks Jacqui has lost over two and a half stone and her loss in measurements is a fabulous 50 cms in total! Just looking at those before and after photos is an incredible transformation. And as Jacqui has said this is just the beginning for her, she is going to continue and go all the way to goal. Working so closely with Jacqui and being involved in her transformation is an absolute honour for me, and I can’t wait to take her all the way through to her final goal weight. I KNOW she will do it and can’t wait to be updating you in another few months and showing off her final “after” pictures.

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