If at first you don’t succeed, then try, try again!

The Path to Success - Keep Trying
Success or Failure – Which Road Would You Choose


Dieting is just one of those things that seems to mystify us sometimes! We start our new diet full of enthusiasm determined to succeed and by the end of day 3 we’re struggling to hang on by the skin of our teeth and by the time day 4 arrives we’ve lost the plot completely. I think the main thing you have to keep telling yourself is keep picking yourself up and trying again. Keep reminding yourself of all the reasons WHY you started. If at first you don’t succeed then try, try again!

With Easter just gone and the Kids still off school – it is always so much more difficult to hold onto the control with all those foods just screaming at you to eat them! If you did have a few little slips this Easter don’t despair – the good news is, tomorrow is a fresh day with no mistakes in it! Wipe the slate clean, get some pen and paper and set your self some small but achievable goals. I find that even achieving 1 or 2 really small goals still gives you that little positive boost and makes you feel like you are getting back in the driving seat. The goals are up to you – an extra 10 minutes exercising each day, that exercise class you wanted to go to but keep putting off, staying away from your favourite “naughty” food for at least 2 days……pretty much any goal that is relevant to you! Once you start hitting your mini goals and get that motivation really going then you will be in a much stronger position to take on all your bigger overall goals! There is an expression “biting off more than you can chew”……….this definitely relates well to dieting I think, but really more in the sense that you can’t always achieve your overall goal STRAIGHT AWAY! Unfortunately your path to the perfect you does take slightly longer than a few days, so really the key is to take it step by step and not try to kill yourself trying to achieve everything in just one week! If you have a slip up, then you somehow have to get yourself back on track – and thats where your “mini goals” will come in handy!

So have a think, set yourself some mini goals – and keep it going!

Today has been one of those days where I have unexpectedly achieved more than I thought I would! The house did not look great coming up to lunch time, I have been busy with the site and business and to be honest it has been slipping for a few days – I felt myself sighing at the state of the kitchen, but decided closing the kitchen door was a better option – it would have to wait until later as I was far too busy to actually do anything about it! Then an unexpected phone call from the mother in law to say they were dropping in definitely gave me a kick up the rear! The kids (and hubby) were thrown into action to help mummy and with operation clean up. I have to say, I must’ve burnt a whole load of calories the speed at which I was bombing around the house! I was very pleased with myself and have made my own little mini goal to stay on top of it this week! I hate it when time just stops you from doing what you set out to…….but at the same time today reminded me that actually there probably is chance to fit in more things than you think sometimes!

Anyway – before I start rambling on, that is it from me! I am a little tired and have a big 20 mile run to get done tomorrow in what is now the last few weeks of my Marathon training plan! Fingers crossed it all goes to plan 🙂

Remember if you feel like you are stuck in a rut don’t be afraid to drop me an email and I’ll give you a gentle “shove” in the right direction 😉


Hannah x





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