Getting up and running in the right undies

Getting up and running in the right undies

Getting Up And Running In The Right Undies

With the start of Spring arriving today what better than setting yourself some targets! I’ve had a lot of feedback about people adding a bit more energy to their normal walks by adding jogging sections and really giving the whole running thing a good go! And with the Summer months coming upon us fast and the lighter evenings it’s an even better time to get up and running!

So today I’m going to start with one for the Running ladies out there (don’t worry guys I’ve not left you out either so do keep reading!) Lets talk Bra’s and Knickers! Now it might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you consider your new venture into the world of running, but never the less still an important note of interest I think! First of all the over shoulder boulder holder (aka a decent sports bra)…..what can I say – apart from make sure you buy one!! It will definitely make running a lot more comfortable, and also less time and worry about thinking about your bouncy bits and more time enjoying what you have set out to do….RUN! Investing in a comfortable bra will definitely save you in the long run (no pun intended) especially in warmer weather and your longer runs (heat+perspiration=chafing…not good!). For those with a fuller bust I can definitely recommend the Shock Absorber brand sports bra, you may also try some larger supermarkets – surprisingly I got some very reasonable and comfortable bras from Tesco, less than 10 euro and perfect for your shorter runs and if you are running several times a week and need a few spares!

And secondly, knickers! Now this one will apply to the men out there too – a decent pair of pants is really a good idea for every runner. For the ladies definitely nothing that digs or rides up, the last thing you want to be concerned with is trying to ever so discretely adjust your pants in public, I like the Dunnes “invisible” knickers which work great (no VPL) but I always find I have to go up a size so they don’t dig in! Although I lack the obvious experience from the gentleman’s perspective I have it on good authority that having a bad pair of pants can result in soggy, chafed and sore bits or worse jiggly bits with waaay too much movement (apparently!). You can get a variety of different base layer underwear that will solve these problems – highly recommended from several male running pals are the M+S sports base layer range and at a pretty reasonable price too makes them even more appealing!

And thirdly is socks! Before you can give it socks on the road you need to have a suitable pair for your feet. Nothing stops you from running like sore feet and blisters and even if you have a comfy pair of trainers the right pair of socks can make a big difference. The 1000 mile double layer socks are great for blister prevention, but they can be a little pricey – a great substitute for these are from Dunnes! Around €4 for 3 pairs and they have the same Double Layer! Coming in a little more expensive are the Nike drifit Elite socks which have extra padding under the pressure points on your feet and a new found favourite of mine the Asics Nimbus socks. If you still have an issue with your feet you might want to double check your running style and make sure you are wearing the best footwear for your style. Well worth getting a free “Gait analysis” from most Elvery’s sports store or in Amphibian King stores in Bray Co. Wicklow, Ballymount Dublin, and in Galway which will tell you exactly what pair of trainers are best for you!

So now we have all the jingly jangly bits covered – what are you waiting for? Get out there and tackle that run! Happy Running 🙂

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