So! Lets talk exercise – Exercise……Groan I hear you say 🙂

The thought of exercise at the beginning of my weight loss journey used to fill me with dread. Even a walk to the end of the driveway seemed like a terribly long way. I used to look at all those “sporty” types out for their little runs wondering what the hell kind of drugs they were taking! What would possibly compel somebody to torture themselves like that…..sweaty, out of breath, pains in my chest (I used to be a smoker so exercise always made breathing hard work!), and not to mention sore muscles and the awful prospect that somebody you know might actually SEE you exercising! URGH!

But like it or not…..and this isn’t going to surprise you but….exercise is actually good for you! And what’s more – the more you do it, and the fitter you get……..you WILL start to enjoy it! It took me a while but after every extra minute I managed on the cross trainer, or the extra 30 seconds quicker I managed my regular walk I started to feel a little bit of achievement from what I was doing. Exercise releases happy hormones, and although it might not feel like it at first it will give you a real lift, both with the improved weight loss results and also with your mental and emotional well being 🙂 It is also a fantastic way of maintaining your weight once you’ve hit your goal weight, so adding those small little walks in every day really helps you continue to eat the food you enjoy!

You don’t need to start by throwing yourself in at the deep end this is such a common mistake, we all get so excited with the change in lifestyle and go all out in the first week! This often leads to sore muscles, and may completely put you off exercise altogether! The best thing to do is ease yourself in gently and add extra exercise, and extra intensity as the days and weeks go on. Set yourself a new target, like a new time – or an extra 5 minutes, and then beat it!

Today has been an exciting day for me whilst on the subject of exercise! As some of you will know I took up jogging after I reached my goal weight to help me maintain my weight. Just 11 months later I ran in a 5 km race and came 1st in my category (3rd lady over all!) To say I’m in shock is an understatement! 3 years ago a very slow walk to the shop left me struggling for breath, and now weight lost and much fitter I’ve actually achieved something……now I’m sure people must look (and think) I’m completely crazy like I used to when I saw those “fit freaks” ha ha – a complete U-Turn. Who would’ve thought??!

I guess the point of this blog…..get out, get active and make a change! Maximise your weight loss, set yourself some goals and do yourself proud! 🙂

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Hannah x

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