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So today my blog is called ‘Confession’ and is going to be all about coming clean and confessing our sins! I guess in the spirit of things I should really go first! Sooooo – my confession is…that lately despite giving out advice on a daily basis and trying my hardest to live by my own rules, I have found it tough and things have been allowed to slide a little bit. As some of you know in addition to Why Weight Ireland and teaching Zumba, I took on an extra job 3 days per week as Manager and Trainer at Pat and Karl Henry fitness centre in Dublin. I felt this would be a positive step but driving in and out of Dublin (a 3 hour round trip) plus a whole day on my feet has left me reeling a little bit. Tiredness has gradually crept in and that has made a few things slip more than I would’ve liked.

The main thing I noticed to go was the “me” time. Working longer hours and juggling work and family life meant that any time I had to myself has been attached to a laptop or attempting to get some sleep! My running has not been as consistent as I would have wanted due to lack of energy, there are times I COULD make time…but I just haven’t. I’ve sat down on my butt and instead just “thought” about going for a run, before time slips through my fingers and it just hasn’t gotten done. The thought of trying to get moving again has been daunting…sometimes overwhelming, wondering how everything is going to get done but as of now my confessions are out and I’m moving on! As I tell all my members – I’m going to draw a line and get cracking again!  Its time to step up the training and push myself that bit more.

Weight Loss Confession Time With Why Weight Ireland

Little blips happen to us all, nobody is exempt from these. No matter where you are in life – there is always going to be a time where things don’t go your way. This happened numerous times during my weight loss journey, and of course still happens today with one thing or another. The key to change is how you deal with it when it happens. One of the members who is now “maintaining” has spoken to me about something similar today which also provoked my thoughts in writing this blog. Her thoughts were, that now the changes have been made and she has hit her goal she can really see a difference in the way she addresses problems. Previously she admits that she would’ve just lost control completely – but today she felt like she was able to take back control after a few bad days, draw that line and get back going with it!

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that no matter how much we try to make everything perfect…it is never going to be! But how we deal with things is what matters. It is the exact same with weight loss and fitness. It is not easy. Some days you will fly by, making all the right choices and feeling like you can take on the world…other days are a downright disaster and may as well be game, set and match before you’ve even hit midday!

So what to do when you hit a rough patch? Sit yourself down, take a deep breath and reassess. Yes today, or yesterday has been bad – but that doesn’t have to be it for the future. Write a list of “why you started in the first place” and read it back to yourself. Don’t let a day, a week or a month on the rocks set you up for a lifetime’s failure. It is never too late to get back in – and don’t forget, you can’t fail if you keep trying!

Get a plan together! I love plans…I really think they help keep you more organised, especially with todays busy lifestyles! If you have a plan you are more likely to stick to it, and it is more likely to become routine. You already have your food diary, so make sure you sit down and fill it out in advance and take the pressure off yourself! Once you have it filled out you have easy access on your phone or computer!

Next stop Exercise plan! Sit down and WRITE down all the days and times where you are going to fit in your exercise, whether it is a walk in your lunch break, or an exercise DVD once the kids are in bed – get it down for the week on paper, stick it up on your fridge and tick it off every time you complete a session no matter how small the session is. Make sure you also update your exercise diary so that you can see all those lovely calories you have burnt :0)

And finally – TALK to someone! Don’t suffer in silence! Talk to me, talk to the other members on Why Weight Ireland, or even talk with both members and non-members on the new Why Weight Ireland Facebook Community. Support really is key, and even just venting out your feelings and letting somebody know how you are feeling can really help lighten the load and give you renewed energy to start fresh and tackle it all again J

As for me – I know I feel much better now I’ve confessed my sins on here lol. And I also drew up my new training plan today, and with it firmly placed on my fridge and the first interval session ticked off already I feel control may be starting to restore!

So for anyone else who’s struggling – draw that line and get moving again towards your goal!

Draw A Line Under It with Why Weight Ireland

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