Complete Body Workout


Complete Body Workout by Hannah Nolan


Today’s blog I thought I’d do something a little different so I’m going to give you a Complete Body Workout that you can quickly and easily fit in at home. Helping improve the tone and appearance of your body, and add strength and support for your joints! All you need is yourself and some light weights/dumbbells. If you do not have weights then you can use tins of beans or small water bottles filled with water so you do not have to purchase weights! Complete each exercise 15 – 20 times and quickly move from 1 exercise to the other with no gaps in between. Once you have completed all of the exercises you can have a short break before repeating them all again 🙂 For beginners start with 1 set, and then gradually build it up to 3 sets in total!


Complete Body Workout

1.  Squats with Lateral Raise – Stand with your feet shoulder width apart toes facing forward, weights in your hands by your sides. Keeping your back straight and tummy tight sit into a squat (as if you are sitting into a chair). As you are squatting move your arms straight out to the sides so that your hands/arms are level with your shoulders. Return the arms back down to your sides as you return to standing position and repeat.

Complete Body Workout - Squats with Lateral Raise
2.  Lunges with frontal Raise – Start with your feet together and hands by your sides. Step forward into a lunge and raise your arms straight out in front. Return back to standing position and repeat (one leg first for 20 reps then repeat on second leg for the same)

Lunges with frontal Raise - Complete Body Workout3.  Squats with shoulder press – Holding your weights close to your shoulders sit into a squat position. As you stand up push your arms up over head into a shoulder press. Repeat.

Complete Body Workout - Squats with shoulder press
4.  Lunge Kick with Bicep Curl – Keeping your balance stand in the lunge position and bring the back leg forward into a kick to the front and return to the rear back into lunge position. Continue reps on one leg before repeating with the other a bicep curl throught the movements.

Lunge Kick with Bicep Curl - Complete Body Workout
5.  Triceps Extension – Cross your weights and hold them above your head straight arms. Bend your elbows to take the weights towards the back of your neck and return straight up again overhead. Repeat.

Triceps Extension - Complete Body Workout

6.  Triceps Kick back – slight bend in the knees and leaning the body forward draw your elbows back to your side and keep them locked into place. Then straighten out your arms kicking back behind you and squeezing to feel the rear of the upper arms.

Complete Body Workout - Triceps Kick Back
7.  Bent over Row – Knees slightly bent and leaning in a bent over position push the weights out in front to straight arms and then pull them back in towards you (as if you are skiing!)

Bent over Row - Complete Body Workout 8.  Bent over Fly – Keeping a similar bent over position as the bent over row but with the in front palms facing together. Slight bend in the elbows keeping the arms then locked in position fly your arms out to the side and then return to centre. Repeat.

Complete Body Workout - Bent over Fly
9.  Squats with Punches – sit into a squat and hold the weights in to your waist. Then punch forward with one arm, return it to your waist and punch out with the other. 40 punches in total (20 right arm, 20 left arm)

Squats with Punches - Complete Body Workout

10.  Press up – Either the full press up, the intermediate press up or the box press up.

Complete Body Workout - Press up

Putting these exercises together quickly one after the other will help to add a cardio element to the workout, giving you a great workout and all over body toning at the same time! If you are stuck for time you can split them up to fit in to your busy today!

Put the effort in – Your body won’t be disappointed

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Hannah x

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