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It’s hard to believe we’ll soon be in 2013! Where has the time gone? With only 8 days to Christmas I am glad to say I have everything ready – just need to pick up the turkey and ham from the butchers on Christmas Eve and cook it. It feels like I have been preparing for Christmas for months and there always seems to be ONE MORE thing to get!  This year we are having Christmas at home with just the four of us as we usually either have family over or we visit family so we’re looking forward to having a nice family Christmas – especially with William and Chloe being at the perfect age – they’re both so excited.

With Christmas only around the corner, this will be the last blog for 2012 and I will return with the blogs in the first week of January 2013. In the mean time if you have any problems or would like some help or advice, please, always remember to drop me an email and I’ll always help when I can  I hope you have enjoyed my blogs as much as I have enjoyed writing them and I hope you have gotten something from them, be-it motivation, encouragement or help. The blogs will start back in the New Year to help you kick-start your New Year – New You. Make sure you have signed up for our newsletter, which will have a special incentive to help you along the way.

Last week I received an email from a member asking about the Christmas Dinner and a rough guideline as to the calories for this. I thought this would be a useful breakdown to go through – so that planning can be a little easier! Of course Christmas is the one day we should definitely be able to enjoy – but no harm in being aware of the better options and also having that guide so that you can add in the extra activity the day before and afterwards to compensate! So here we go!

Christmas Dinner

Roast Turkey (light meat)

Large portion 140g = 214cals (2.8g fat)

Med portion 90g = 137 cals (1.8g fat)

Small portion 70g = 107 cals (1.4g fat)

Roast Turkey (Dark Meat)

Large Portion 140g = 247 cals (9.7g fat)

Med portion 90g = 159 cals (5.9g fat)

Small Portion 70g = 123cals (4.6 fat)

Straight away you can see that the easiest way to cut down is to avoid the dark meat and stick to the Turkey breast/light meat. The dark meat is not that much higher in calories, but as you can see a small portion of dark meat has almost DOUBLE the amount of fat of a LARGE portion of white meat!


Small portion 70g – 104cals (5.5g fat)

Med portion 90g – 133cals (7g fat)

Large portion 120g – 178cals (9.4g fat)


Roast potato – 1 small potato 50g (size of a new potato) = 74 cals (2.2g fat)

1 portion 200g Roast potatoes = 298 cals (9g fat)

Boiled potato – 1 small potato 50g = 38 calories (0.1g of fat)

1 portion 200g Boiled potatoes = 150 cals (0.6g fat)

Christmas PotatoesAs you can see again, you are doubling the number of calories and adding almost 9g of fat per portion by choosing roast potatoes over boiled potatoes. Now I really do love roast potatoes, so I would have 1 or 2 Roasties and then a few boiled ones too – the best of both without going too overboard!

Veggies (All medium portion 70g – lowest calories to highest)

Red Cabbage – 11 calories (0.2g fat)

Green Beans – 15 calories (0.3g fat)

Carrots – 15 calories (0.2g fat)

Leeks – 15cals (0.5g fat)

Sweetcorn – 17cals (0.3g fat)

Brussel sprouts (70g = 7 sprouts) – 25cals (0.9gfat)

Peas – 55cals (1.1g fat)

The best tactic to get that absolutely stuffed Christmas dinner feeling is to load up the plate with lots of veggies! Eat some of the veggies first and re-fill the plate with more veggies if necessary. The rest of your meal (with smaller portions of the high calorie stuff) will satisfy you much more when you already have a little in your tummy to start with and you will definitely feel full to the brim, without actually consuming too many calories!


Christmas GravyGravy 50ml serving = 15 calories (0.6g fat)

Parsley Sauce 50ml serving = 41 calories (2.4g fat)

Cheese Sauce 50ml (made with skimmed milk) = 39 calories (1.1g fat)

Cheese Sauce 50ml (made with whole milk) = 99 calories (7.3g fat)

Big Christmas Dinner

Turkey breast 100g – 153 calories (2g fat)

Ham 100g – 148 calories (7.8g fat)

Gravy 100ml – 30 calories (1.2g fat)

Red Cabbage 140g – 22 calories (0.4g fat)

Brussels (7) – 25 calories (0.9g fat)

Green Beans 70g – 15 calories (0.3g fat)

Carrots 140g – 30calories (0.4g fat)

Peas 70g – 55calories (1.1g fat)

2 x small Roast potatoes (100g) – 148 calories (4.4g fat)

3 x boiled potatoes (150g) – 114 calories (0.3g fat)

TOTAL: 740 calories (18.8g fat)

Reduced Calorie Christmas Dinner

Turkey Breast 70g – 107 calories (1.4g fat)

Ham 70g – 104 calories (5.5 fat)

Gravy 50ml – 15 calories (0.6 fat)

Red Cabbage 140g – 22 calories (0.4g fat)

Brussels (7) – 25 calories (0.9g fat)

Green Beans 70g – 15 calories (0.3g fat)

Carrots 140g – 30 calories (0.4g fat)

Peas 1 tablespoon – 23 calories (0.5g fat)

1 x small Roast potatoes (100g) – 74 calories (2.2g fat)

3 x boiled potatoes (150g) – 114 calories (0.3g fat)

Total: 529 calories (12.5g fat)

Christmas MealA few small changes on the higher calorie and higher fat options gives a much lower intake, without changing how the dinner will look on your plate too much! You will still get a nice large plateful! Using a slightly smaller plate will also trick your brain into feeling like you are getting an extra large portion even with a slightly smaller portion!

Most of all you can STILL enjoy a lovely Christmas meal with everyone else without going completely crazy! To make it easier to stick within your allowance you can also adjust your diary settings to make Christmas day a “treat day” and add a little extra activity in the days leading up to Christmas!

Everyone – Thank You for all your support in 2012! Have a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year and I am really looking forward to helping you all get the body YOU want in 2013! New Year – New You here we come!

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Hannah x

Merry Christmas From Why Weight Ireland

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