Chest Exercises

Chest Exercise with Hannah Nolan

Today I will be discussing chest exercises, with further instalments over the next few blog posts with your other body parts (legs, arms and back) to give you all the exercises you need for a full body toning workout!

In a recent blog I discussed the benefits of using free weights. One of my favourite reasons for preferring free weights is that we can do it in our own homes and you can pick up a set of weights pretty cheaply too so makes it very accessible for everyone! If you don’t own any free weights you can easily use everyday household items for light resistance. If you have never done any weights before then you may only need a very light weight to feel some benefit so a tin of beans could be all you need! You can also use the Sports water bottles for a slightly heavier weight without having to purchase weights.

Chest Exercise 1 – Bench Press

Lying on a bench, exercise ball, aerobic step or even flat on the floor ensuring your back is flat take your weights down to your chest. Breathing out push the weights up above your chest until your arms are straight. Breathing in slowly and controlled return the weights back to your chest and continue to repeat the movements (15 reps, 2 – 3 sets)

Bench press 2 - Chest ExerciseBench press1 - Chest Exercise

Chest Exercise 2 – Supine Fly

Lying on a bench, exercise ball, aerobic step or even flat on the floor ensuring your back is flat hold your weights straight up above your chest with a slight bend in your elbows throughout with your palms facing towards each other. Lower your arms out to the side until they are level with your shoulders and then return to the starting point and then repeat the movement. (15 reps, 2 – 3 sets)

Supine fly2 - Chest Exercisesupine fly1 - Chest Exercise


Chest Exercise 3 – Pullover

Lying on a bench, exercise ball or aerobic step ensuring your back is flat hold just one dumbbell directly above your chest with both hands. Lower the weight back behind your head (until you feel the stretch) then slowly pull back up to the starting position and repeat (15 reps, 2-3 sets)

Pullover2 - Chest ExercisePullover1 - Chest Exercise

Chest Exercise 4 – Chest Circles

Lying on a bench, exercise ball, aerobic step or even flat on the floor ensuring your back is flat hold your weights straight up above your chest and then lower back behind your head (palms of your hands facing up toward the ceiling). Take the weights out to your side in a circular movement down towards your hips back up to centre and back to the start position behind your head. Repeat (15 reps, 2 – 3 sets)

chest circle 1 Chest Exercise chest circle 2 chest circle 3

Keep your eyes open for the upcoming blogs which will cover the other body parts to give you a nice tone to your whole body as you incorporate them into your workout.Your toning exercises will help to tone your body as you lose weight. The toning exercises only take a short amount of time to complete so you can complete them straight after your fat burning cardio workout or if you are stuck for time you can split up the sessions and complete the toning exercises at a different time during your day.

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Happy Toning!

Hannah x

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