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Wicklow Chambers of Commerce Business Awards - Best Innovation Award 2013

Me & My Business

I was recently asked by a member to write a blog about how hitting my weight loss goal has changed my life in terms of the business. I’m not really sure what to write or where to start! Turning a business idea into an award winning weight loss & fitness business has been very tough, especially in such a short period of time and in a business sense Why Weight Ireland is still just a little ‘baby’. Being a wife, a mum, and I suppose, a business woman, has been a hard thing to do. I think it’s a lot harder, demanding and a lot more stressful than I had ever imagined and I admire any woman who has to do it and I know there are an awful lot of us out there these days. When I first started to think about setting up Why Weight Ireland and getting everything developed, designed, and making sure everything worked, I thought it was just a matter of launching the business and that was it really! I thought all the time preparing everything was going to be the stressful part and once the business was up and running it would be easy and look after itself, but how wrong and naive was I? The setting up of the business was the easy part compared to running the business! ha ha
As someone who has had no business background, it has all been a massive learning curve for me. I knew what I wanted and I was/am determined to get where I want to be; but what better way to learn about anything than getting stuck right in to the middle of it all……..right? Sure who wouldn’t love the 7am starts and the 1am ends, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? 😉 I didn’t know anything about tax, marketing, PR, motivational speaking, blogging, tweeting, article writing or even web development etc., but these are all things I’ve had to learn on the go while always trying to push the business to be better and to always offer the best products and services to the customers. My aim was, is and always will be to make Why Weight Ireland, Ireland’s best weight loss business. In most businesses they would usually have different staff to do all the above mentioned duties but unfortunately I don’t have that luxury or the finances, so like others in my situation I have to do them all myself while also completing all the normal day to day runnings of the business and making sure all the members are supported, the studio classes and personal trainings are all completed to the highest standard and giving the clients the best workouts possible, while also making sure the kids are all fed and looked after. 😉

In the past year and a half, Why Weight Ireland has helped hundreds of people lose weight through the online food & exercise diary while also helping and working with hundreds of clients a week in the studio in Tinahely, Wicklow. But like most businesses, money is always a factor and I’m no different. I’ve never had the funds to be able to advertise the business across the country other than using social media to the best of my abilities but this is limited to what I can do. One day I will be able to advertise on a grand scale, hire a PR company and really get the name out across the country but until then the business will continue to grow each day, helping more and more people reach the healthy ‘place’ they want to be in. Each day I receive mails from people from all the different counties of Ireland who have either heard about the business through a friend or have seen it mentioned on Facebook or Twitter etc. but the best form of advertising for me has been through ‘word-of-mouth’ – the power of a human recommendation out shines any form of advertising that I could ever think of. Although a year and a half old, to some people Why Weight Ireland is a new weight loss business in Ireland and are only hearing about us for the first time. Thanks to your positive feedback and your recommendations Why Weight Ireland is successful so thank you very much.

Running a Business and Losing Weight Are Very Similar To Me

All the hard work does pay off. I’m not talking about financially but a personal reward. For me, seeing someone go from feeling sad and over weight to a happy, confident and healthy person is the most rewarding feeling ever. It is what makes me get up every morning. Thinking about helping just ONE person – Imagine that person is successful in losing weight and changes from feeling down and over weight to being healthy and confident. That person, if they had children, would usually pass on their new thoughts, beliefs and habits to their children and in turn making them happier and healthier. If that person didn’t have children, the person could have the new confidence to start going out and meeting a partner or making new friends. Since launching Why Weight Ireland I have been very lucky to have seen both of these scenarios first hand and it is such a rewarding and remarkable feeling and I am very privileged to have the chance to be part of people’s lives in that way. I think this is what makes Why Weight Ireland a successful business – I make sure to always respond to every single email personally and honestly. I’m not a sales person and I never tell anyone that they have to become a member because it’s the best weight loss plan or if they don’t really want to sign up. I’ll also never push someone into doing anything if they aren’t ready. If someone WANTS to lose weight then I am here for them and offer them all the tools that they possibly need to hit their goal weight by learning how to eat healthily and also getting fit.

Losing weight for me is very much like running a business. I had to be determined and almost regimental every day to make sure I ate the right foods and not eat too much and got my exercise done etc. and running the business is very similar. I have to ensure that certain things get done every single day, I have to be consistent and always willing to push myself even when I don’t feel like it because if I don’t push the business no on else will and thats the same as dealing with weight loss – you have to do it and push yourself as no one else can do it for you. So I suppose, losing all the excess weight has changed my life in so many ways, and ways that I’m only realising as time goes by, although I’ve been at my goal weight for over three years now, it’s certainly helped me in all aspects of my life. The feeling that I felt that day I hit my goal weight is a feeling I will NEVER forget. It’s up there with the feeling of getting married and giving birth (twice) or should I say the moment of seeing and holding your child for the first time :). And I want others to feel the same when they hit their final goal.

Never give up on your dream. No matter what….


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Some of the fantastic comments made about the Total Body Tone DVD:

  • Much better than my Jillian Michael’s DVD
  • Can’t believe how many calories I burnt
  • Best workout I’ve ever done
  • Amazing that I can do a full class workout from home
  • Much longer than any of my other workout DVDS
  • I attended some of Hannah’s classes when they first began and I loved them but unfortunately due to shift work I just wasn’t able to fit them in. I was so happy when I could purchase the DVD and wow it is like being in Hannah’s classes all over again! I do a half hr work out a day and I suffer from the same complaints I did when in her classes i.e. sweating, sore joints the following day!:) I can really see how this DVD will benefit me already!


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