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I’m still on my holidays and although it is supposed to be a nice relaxing break, the kids have had their own agenda – they are both driving me bonkers lol. We are all having a great time and the weather has been kind to us but I’m so hoping this week will be a little better. 
I thought since the kids are gone out to play in the park, I’d write a quick blog to update you on whats going on and it also gives me a chance to zone out from everything around me ha ha

Blog Awards Ireland

I suppose the latest news is the Blog Awards Ireland – I was delighted to find out yesterday that I had been nominated in two categories – Best Blog of an SME Business, as well as Best Health & Wellbeing Blog.
 As you know I have only really been blogging since the end of March of last year when Why Weight Ireland was launched and now my blogs have become an important part of my business.  I try to use my blogs to get as much information as I can on a certain topic to as many people as possible in the hope that it gives them the motivation and encouragement to either begin or continue their weight loss and fitness journey. Having my work represented in the Blog Awards Ireland is a great privilege and a great opportunity to show my blogs to others and hopefully help one or two people too 🙂

So many of you have followed my blogs from my time as the Spar Spartan Winner and I love receiving your emails and comments – they all encourage me to continue and help people with their weight loss and fitness and I really appreciate you sharing them with your friends too. I will always continue to use my time wisely and help those who need extra information or motivation to reach their final goals. The Blog Awards Ireland are a fantastic way of recognizing Irish bloggers and all the hard work that they put into their blogs. If you get some free time you should have a look at all the Irish bloggers and their fab blogs

Total Body Tone DVD

The other good news – as some of you may have already seen – is that the new Why Weight Ireland – Total Body Tone – Fitness DVD has been completed. The DVD Promo went live yesterday and you can watch it here: It will explain what is in the DVD and what to look forward to. I’m hoping the DVD will be available for sale directly from the website from September but I’ll update you nearer the time 🙂

Since last week, members are able to access the new professionally recorded workouts directly from the Video section on the website and can also get their exact calorie burn when they add their workouts to the Exercise section of their diary. The workouts are tough but that is exactly what you want – the great thing is you can take all of the workouts at your own pace and work up to the hardest level which will give all levels of fitness the opportunity to improve from their own level. There is the full warmup section, total body blast, full core & legs section as well as ultimate legs section and cool-down section. Also in the video section of the website are video demonstration of various exercises for you to learn. So now there is no excuse not to be able to do some exercise as all the workouts in the video sections are full workouts, easy to follow and you can view them from your smartphone, tablet, PC, Laptop etc. so all can be done at home 😉

I’m back on Sunday (hopefully a lot more rested) and will be raring to get back into the studio on the Monday. My training is still going well and have managed to keep up with all my runs while I’ve been away and am even doing a 10KM race on Friday. I only got the full results yesterday of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon and I got 19th in my category so I was delighted with that considering it was early in my training.

I hope you all had a good week last week and have a great week this week and will be looking forward to hearing about all the pounds, kilos, centimetres and inches lost over the two weeks 🙂

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Hannah x

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