Best Way To Lose Weight


What is the best way to lose weight?


What Is The Best Way to Lose Weight?

The best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy calorie controlled diet and incorporate exercise into your daily routine. As most of us will know, that’s easier said than done! First of all losing weight is a very personal experience and what works for one person may not work for the next; so one person’s idea of the “best way” to lose weight could be completely different to the next person. When you want to lose weight you need to sit down and think about it first. Don’t just jump in and start buying weight loss shakes, slimming bars, diet pills or begin the next fad diet. Think about how you came to the stage you are at now. Did something happen in your life, did you just get into the habit of eating out, eating too much junk food – write down what you think caused you to get to where you are now. Once you can pinpoint the cause, you can try fixing the problem. Like most things in life, if you want it bad enough you will have to put the effort in, work hard and do what you can to succeed.

Like most people, I had done a lot of the traditional diets around and yes most of them worked and after losing several pounds in the first week or two I would be so happy and then all of a sudden the 2nd, 3rd or 4th week my weight would halt to a complete STOP and then I would feel bad and go into to a complete downwards spiral and end up putting the pounds back on plus a little more for good measure and this just kept happening with every diet I tried.

Most people will say that they have a busy lifestyle and find it hard to lose weight because of it – but yes, they really are just excuses. We weren’t too busy to put the weight on in the first place! What I have come to realise is that most people want a plan that they don’t have to eat cardboard flavoured bars, plastic tasting dinners or shakes or follow a set food plan that they didn’t like the food anyway! They want to use their own foods – food is expensive enough these days so why spend more buying ‘special foods’ that are just made to make money off you, they wanted to eat some naughty food someStop Making Excuses times without feeling guilty and they wanted something that was easy to follow and they wanted something that was for life and not just for a few weeks! You’ll have heard so many people telling you one thing, before you hear another person telling you the opposite so its not surprising that we all get confused with what is good for us and what isn’t and what works and what doesn’t. We all have a tendency to jump into the next new craze but before you waste your money – think about it.  The majority of weight loss programs out there are tricking you into thinking that you are losing more than you actually are. One recent program I saw was a 30 day ultra weight loss program – after checking and researching the program anyone who does it WILL lose weight and that’s what they want you to see but what you don’t realise that over the 30 days you are actually making things worse – the calorie amount that you are given to eat is so low you would be losing weight but also losing muscle so when you hop on the scales and see a fantastic weight loss you are conned to think that you’ve lost lots of fat – I’m sorry to say that the loss will mainly be muscle and once your 30 days are up and you go back to eating your normal food, all the weight will go back on – plus more as you’ll be so hungry that you’ll want to eat more and you will not have learnt a thing over the past month.

Of course I’m biased to Why Weight Ireland, it’s my program but I’m also just a normal wife and mum. I just want to see others reach their goals and help them believe and show that they are achievable. The first thing people will learn when they sign up with Why Weight Ireland is that no one is telling them what they should or shouldn’t eat, they won’t have someone preaching to them saying they shouldn’t eat that because it has one thing or another in it or they can’t have that because of one reason or another – You can eat what you want 🙂 I read somewhere that if someone says you can eat what you want then it is incorrect! There is a yes and no answer to this statement, yes you can eat what you want but no you can’t eat what you want to excess, just like you shouldn’t eat or do anything to excess.  The choices that you make will help you to change your habits and sometimes that includes the less healthy varieties of food too – continuing to make some of your “usual” choices will allow you to understand the reasons why you are gaining weight and helping you to combine the choices of food you enjoy with better options to find that perfect fit that works for YOU!

The other thing they will quickly learn is that with a little bit of forward planning it will make everything that much easier for them.

As one of our members said: “The whole thing is just so simple, I eat something, enter it into the diary…and I lose weight! Why I never thought of it before, I will never know.”

Losing weight isn’t just about food, it’s about so much more. Incorporating exercising is a another part of the Why Weight Ireland plan, and for a lot of people this will be completely new but with my help and your personal fitness plan, adding exercise into your lifestyle will be that much easier.

Another of our members said, “Before I signed up I was on a different weight loss planLove Exercise and it was always about food. I never exercised but it was something that I always wanted to do but was afraid to begin. With Why Weight Ireland it was brilliant, I followed my plan and listened to Hannah – I didn’t have to run for hours, I just did what I could, entered it into my diary and it would work out how many calories I had burnt. I love exercising now.”

Using the diary will open your eyes in so many ways, it will teach you about food, benefits of exercise, it will teach you about your body and how it works and you will learn it all by yourself, in your own way. You will be able to form your own opinions about food and exercise and most importantly it will help you lose weight, tone up and be healthy. Any ‘diet’ that restricts food intake is likely to result in weight loss, but unless the approach shows the individual how to manage their diet on an ongoing basis to keep the weight off, it will only ever be a short-term fix.

Like I said before, not every plan will work for every person, because each person is different and believes in different things. All I will say is that if you give it a go, fill in the diary and follow the plan then you will really open your eyes to your true food intake, start to shed those pounds, get fit and keep the weight off.  Its not a magic pill, you must work at it and it is not always easy, but if only a few months out of your whole life isn’t worth it then what is?!

In summary…

The food diary approach works because it teaches you how to eat sensibly for life. By taking away the perception of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods, it helps people to treat food as something they can control and enjoy, rather than seeing it as an enemy. It makes YOU accountable for YOUR weight. It also works around your lifestyle, is easy to use, incorporates exercise and IT WORKS – so for these reasons I think using the Why Weight Ireland plan is the best way to lose weight in Ireland.

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