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Hi Everyone
As we continue to deal with the Covid pandemic it still means that the Why Weight Ireland Studio cannot reopen. We can reopen once we return to Level 2 or lower.
As you can imagine, trying to run any business during a pandemic is extremely difficult but trying to run a business when you aren’t allowed to open is even more so, especially when you still have all the insurances and licenses etc still to pay! The support I have received from everyone since the first lockdown has been immense and the love and support I have received is so very much appreciated, the people in Tinahely and surrounding areas are so caring.

Since Day 1 of the lockdown earlier in the year I have given access to all my online fitness videos to my regular studio attendees for free so they can continue to get their workouts at home. Exercise is SO important at the best of times, but never as much as now when most are sedentary because of the pandemic.
On the password protected videos page a few weeks ago I introduced a PayPal Donation button for anyone who would like to help keep the business going so when the time comes (when ever that may be) to reopen I will be hopefully still be in a position to do so. Thank you to all those who have generously donated already – it really means SO much. (Unfortunately the PUP doesn’t even scratch the surface of the running of a business, let alone one that can’t open!)
So, for this reason, I have decided to open up access to my videos more to the general public. All I ask in return is a small donation (whatever amount you are comfortable with) – if you add your email address or mobile number into the “Write a note” section of the transaction I will email/text you the Password for the page. You are more than welcome of course to donate without wanting access to the videos and in this case just leave the comment section blank. I will continue to upload videos each week so you can all continue to get a varied workout. My workouts include Spinning, Cardio, Core & Toning and BoxFit classes.

This is very difficult for me to do as I am usually the very last person to ever ask for help and have and will continue to do the online videos and upload them for free regardless if anyone donates or not as I want to continue to help people stay fit, stay focused and help to give people a positive mental outlet even if it is just for the time it takes to do a class. Exercise has so many positives and as mentioned above during the period it can and will help your psychological well-being.

Thank you all for your love and support and as always please do not share the password to others as it makes it unfair to all those who have kindly continued with their support.

Hannah xx


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Why Weight Ireland is a leading weight loss & fitness business that has helped change the dieting minds of thousands of people in Ireland. Through the use of tracking your food, personal support and expert fitness plans, Hannah Nolan, owner of Why Weight Ireland has revolutionised the way you think about your weight. Why Weight Ireland & Why Weight Studios offer people the full opportunity to reach their own potential with regards their fitness and weight loss.


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What does Why Weight Ireland offer?

  • Motivational speaking
  • Corporate wellness events
  • Media events including TV & Radio 
  • Columnist for magazines & newspapers
  • Custom fitness plans for corporate & community races

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Why Weight Ireland Studio offers:

  • Personal fitness training
  • Various fitness classes including aerobics, core, dance classes
  • Adult & children fitness and dance classes
  • Local & surrounding areas after school fitness and nutrition clubs 
  • Private group sessions catered for with specialism in intellectual & physical disabilities

“I am always developing my business so make sure to check back to see what’s new”

Hannah Nolan | Why Weight Ireland


Following her personal dieting success Hannah has gone on to become a qualified & respected personal trainer, nutritionist, county champion runner, regular motivational speaker, columnist for the Irish Runner Magazine, Ambassador for Athletics Ireland and one of Ireland’s leading weight loss & fitness experts.